Summer Hair

Summer is my favorite time of year, I love the effortless beauty that comes out in all of us. I think my mom will be really surprised I am writing about anything on hair since I barely do mine, she’s always saying it looks like I just rolled out of bed. I do admire summer styles. From braids, low buns, to ponytails. These are styles that anyone can do them self.

Summer hair is about looking beachy, or like you haven’t put too much time into your hair.

Beach Waves:

If you don’t have naturally wavy hair there are easy ways to achieve this look.

Start by getting your hair a little damp, you can spray your hair with water with a spray bottle so that it doesnt’ end up getting soaked. ( You can also do this right after the shower after you have washed your hair.) Spray a little texture into your hair, you can use a product like Philip B’s Maui Wowie ($22.00, my fave) , or make your own (I will post a recipe in another post) here is the recipe. and then either part your hair in half and make two braids (braid them loosely or the waves will look not as natural) or you can make one braid. You can do this the night before and let your hair dry and in the morning undo your braids.

Low, Side Ponytail:

This look is always feminine and can be worn day to night. Gather your hair to the base at the nape of your neck and you can either tie it right behind you or slightly to the side. You don’t have to use a brush or comb to pull your hair together. Remember your hair is supposed to look like it was effortlessly done. You can comb it with your hands. I also suggest you don’t make it look too done by making it sleek, add some volume to your hair. Either with product or do it a day after you have washed your hair (yep, dirty hair) so that your natural oil has built up a little, or you can tease your hair a little to give it some extra lift.

You can also add to your side ponytail by tying a ribbon around it, adding a thin little braid or like in the photo tying your own hair around it. To do that leave a little bit of your hair out when you tie up your hair and then wrap your hair that is left out around the hair tie and pin it in with bobby pins that match your hair color. Spray some hairspray (hairspray is your friend) on your hair to keep it together.



High Ponytail:

This is great for everyone, it gives you a youthful look and it’s easy to do. Like the low pony, gather your hair with your fingers. If you want more volume to your hair you can add a beach spray, like Philip B’s Maui Wowie that will give it texture or tease it a little. Tie your hair up, you can also leave a little bit of hair down and then wrap it around your hair tie and pin it with bobby pins.

Side Braid:

Bring your hair to any side you prefer and then braid it. It’s a great summer look. If you are an excellent braider (I am not, so my braid is always on the side) you can do more styles, like braiding the side of your hair or front.

Low Bun:

Gather hair into a low ponytails, slightly off to one side. (Skip the hair tie.) Twist and twirl your hair around a couple of fingers to create a bun; secure with a few bobby pins. Slide the pins in against your head (don’t pry them open). Use your fingers to pinch around the bun for an unfinished look. Don’t worry if front pieces fall out, it’s supposed to be messy. Have fun with it, add some skinny, side braids in it for a more boho look.

Summer is about looking fresh and pretty, looking beautiful without looking too done up. Spend time at the beach and not on your hair!




  1. norma
    December 1, 2015 / 10:39 am

    very cool

  2. Gen
    January 30, 2016 / 7:03 am

    I love all the hair posts

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