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jasmine dustin

As you can see Jasmine Dustin is gorgeous. Jasmine is from New Hampshire and has traveled the world for modeling. She’s been in GQ, Esquire, Maxim, and Cosmopolitan just to name a few. She’s done campaigns for many brands such as William Rast, Johnny Walker and Levis. GQ Magazine named her one of Hollywood’s hottest up and coming stars. She has also been in movies and TV shows such as Rush Hour 3, Being Mary Jane, CSI: Miami, Knight Rider, and many more. Jasmine also started her own charity called Cause4paws where she takes care of the homeless and their beloved pets. She’s currently shooting a documentary about the proccess.
This is what Jasmine loves:

1. Victoria Secret Air Brush Primer– I love this product because it makes your skin super soft and makes your foundation go on 100% flawless.
2. Cinema Secret Concealer Foundation – The absolute best concealer/foundation ive ever used. It comes in 5 colors so you can mix and match as you become tanner, etc. Makeup Artists always use this product on me for photo shoots and I’ve fallen in love with it.
3. L’Oreal Under Eye Filler– This product is the first product I put on in the morning, It automatically gives you an extra 5 hours of sleep. It takes away dark circles and fills in under your eyes.
4. RX Clinial Cosmeceuticals Multi Fruit Exfoliating cleanser – This is my absolute favorite cleanser.


You can keep up with Jasmine on Twitter @JasmineDustin, Instagram @JasmineDustin , Facebook Jasmine Dustin and check out her website, Jasmine Dustin.



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