The A List with Carol Cole

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Carol Cole is the founder of NuFace, which is a handheld device that helps with facial contour, skin tone and wrinkle reduction.  I have tried the Trinity which has three attachments, I have tried 2 out of the 3 attachments and really love them.  Carol is pioneer in the beauty industry she started out at the award-winning spa, Golden Door as a esthetician and developed an anti-aging product that really works.  She has been specializing in micocurrent facials since 1985 and gained a loyal following of celebrity clientele. In 2005 she developed NuFace for at home use because she could no longer keep up with her demand.  NuFace is FDA approved, it’s so amazing it only takes a few mins and it looks like you have had a mini face lift.

Today Carol shares some beauty tips with us:


Name: Carol Cole                                                               Hometown: Santa Monica, CA


First Job: Continental Airlines

Dream Job: I have it now

One beauty product every woman should own: Nuface

One beauty tip you learned from your mother: Ponds Cold Cream for eye makeup remover

Recent beauty splurge: Day at La Costa Spa

I don’t leave home without: Lipstick & Sunglasses for eye protection

Drugstore favorite: I don’t purchase beauty products from drugstores

Beauty inspiration: Microcurrent Technology

How I relax: Walking on the beach

Alway in my fridge: fresh vegetables and fruit

Guilty pleasure: Dark Chocolate

Beauty product that should be invented? My Secret

Beauty tip for our readers: Exfoliating is key to beautiful skin

You can check out NuFace’s Instagram @MyNuface and on Twitter @MyNuFace.

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