First Date Makeup: LA and NY Girls Go-To Looks

First dates can be stressful, we know that first impressions are everything and in a world of Instagram filters we need to make sure we looked airbrushed and flawless in person too.  Getting ready for a first date can be difficult, you’ll try on a million outfits and probably go back to the first one you had on. Then for your makeup…and the ‘I just woke up like this’ look, so you don’t look like you are trying to hard.  What he doesn’t know is that you took an hour to look “natural”. What to do?  I asked several lovely ladies in LA and New York what their first date makeup looks are. They shared some of their first date looks with me.



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Alex Schindler, LA

“In the land of eyelash extensions and 22 inch weaves, it’s very easy to get lost as a “normal” girl in LA. Which is why I find dating in general so intimidating! No pun intended. As causal as this city is (I haven’t worn black tie attire in 11 years) girls here go all out with the glam.

For a date I would advise to stay natural, but your best possible version of that. In general I don’t wear too much makeup, I can’t contour like the rest. I think a fresh, not caked-on face is best. My moisturizer is the real hero. I use Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer followed by Kiehl’s tinted BB cream. I have a problem with dark circles and fine lines under my eyes so if I have the extra 15 minutes to spare, I love to use a Shiseido Benefiance Eye Mask. Then I’ll use a little Clé de Peau concealer under my eyes, it’s thick but the best. A light layer of Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder goes over everything and is great to prevent getting shiny. Bronzer, a delicate black cat eye and a bold brow are a must. I avoid lipstick like the plague. When I wear it I have to constantly touch it up and check on it which drives me nuts, especially if I’m eating. Not a good look for a date!

Hair down is pretty standard, something simple like all straight or a slight wave. You don’t want hair that can’t be touched! Instead of hairspray, I have two products I use almost everyday. Oribé’s Apres Beach and Dry Texturizing sprays. First of all they smell so good, but they add a magical texture that keeps hair lively yet tamed. Miracle.

I’ll put on a romper or a skirt with a cute heel and be on my way. I’ve got a lot of curves so there’s a very fine line between fitted and slutty. So I like to say boobs OR legs, never both. But those legs better be moisturized!”

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Cathy Aronin, NY

“I’ve been in a relationship for a little over a year and he prefers when I look more natural so the less make up the better. For a first date or 100th date, this look is the perfect go-to.

My favorite make up brand is bare minerals bare skin brightening foundation in the bare almond. It is dark but I use it sparingly around my forehead and cheekbones and then I blend it out with bare minerals ready foundation powder in my natural skin tone color. This replaces my need for a bronzer. I’m not an eye shadow girl but I use the same dark foundation for eye shadow that way it looks like a nice tan. I usually will go heavy with mascara (I love urban decay perversion mascara) and some times not even use eyeliner but if I do I use Sephora liquid eyeliner. The final touch is the benefit highlighter stick. I use this above my eyebrows and at the top of my cheekbones near my eyes. For lipstick, I always go for a light pink nude. A dark lipstick will have to be reapplied, stick to a simple, light color.”

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Summer Loftis, LA

“Glam and classy! Growing up I always admired women such as Jacqueline Kennedy and Grace Kelly. Therefore, I love to keep my makeup looking clean, yet classic and glamorous. After all, the man should be paying more attention to your mind and your heart, not just your lashes.

Here are some of the products I use:

Nars light luminous weightless foundation
Hey Sailor’s loose mineral powder
Nars orgasm blush
Too Faced – Natural eye kit
Marc Jacobs O!Mega Tantric bronze (if need be)
Better Than Sex black mascara by Too Faced. (It’s by the far the best mascara I’ve ever used!)
Too Faced Perfect Lip Nude Liner
Kiehls Lip Balm

Dry bar’s – Money Maker flexible hold hair spray. It’s not heavy and smells absolutely amazing!”

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415 by Williams & Murray

Sara Becker, NY

As a formerly shy person, the premise of a first date is as exciting as it is daunting. To avoid walking into the evening like a bumbling lady version of Napoleon Dynamite, my prep starts with a nice long run. To coerce my inner femme fatale out of hiding, I listen to a mixture of Pearl Jam, Major Lazer, and Amy Winehouse or Ella Fitzgerald. The music only gets louder as I get dressed. My hair and makeup follows the line of the style I’ve landed on for that evening. I like either a strong eye or a lip, not both, but I always use blush. I’m a fan of Orgasm by Nars with a dusting of Chanel’s sparkly pink powder on top. If I’m doing a red lip, I love Mac’s Russian Red, it makes me feel like a spy from the 40’s. Before heading out the door, I roll 415 by Williams & Murray on my neck, wrists, and in the nook of my elbows. It’s fresh and clean out of the gate but its sandalwood notes warm up over the course of the evening. I love that because it’s a natural oil it lasts longer than my other perfumes, it’s also small enough to keep in my clutch. Once I’m properly doused and dressed I take a deep breath and go.

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Andrea Frye, LA

“Going on a first date? The nerves kick in. Butterflies flutter in your stomach. Your fight-or flight response kicks in. Should you flake? You call your girlfriends, they talk some sense back into you. Shew! Ok, you’re gonna go. Now…how do I keep myself from turning into a tense, sweaty mess? Here’s my routine to calm the first date nerves: – Pour a nice glass of vino (unless you need something a little stronger than reach for the tequila) – Music’s on. – Take a deep breath. Now for the makeup…think less is more. I like to use my eyes as a focus point. I use 3 different mascaras and a safety pin…Yessss, I said a safety pin… Sounds a bit ghetto right? I use it to separate my lashes. Let me tell you, it does the trick! But ladies, use caution!!! For the mascara, Cover girl has been my go-to. I’ve been using it FOREVER! Cover girl professional lash, cover girl lash blast length and I recently just discovered Falsies Volume Express by Maybelline. My lashes, no joke, look like fake ones. I then use Nars eyeshadow. I either go for a black (sometimes with a shimmer) or brown to line my inner eyes and along my bottom lash. I personally don’t wear eyeshadow on my lid. So, now we have the eyes covered…I use SK2 moisturizer on my face which is ahhhhmazing! Then I use a Bobbi Brown concealer stick to just dab on any imperfections i.e. Broken capillaries, scars, blemishes whatever it my be. Then I use Bobbi Brown’s loose powder. To top off the look, bronzer and blush are a must! My favorites are Nars Laguna Bronzer and either Orgasm or Luster for the blush. I have olive skin so these suit me best. Last but not least are the lips… I’ll do a tinted gloss, nothing sticky, because you don’t want to have an unexpected guest with wings chillin’ on your lips!”

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What’s your first date makeup look? Leave your tips in the comments.

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