Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Tinted Moisturizer


I’ll admit it, I like to wear makeup when I workout.  I know it’s bad, it’s not like I wear a full face of makeup but I do like to make my skin tone even, and sometimes I’ll put on a little mascara.  Wearing foundation to workout classes isn’t so great sometimes so I wanted something that didn’t feel so makeup-y. I tried Cosmedicine’s Medi- Matte Perfected Oil Control Tinted Moisturizer.  I’ll start off by saying I do not have oily skin at all, my skin is normal (in the winter it can get dry).  I did want something that would keep my shine at bay when I work out.  The matte in this tinted moisturizer really kept my skin looking perfect.

Cosmedicine’s tinted moisturizer is lightweight, contains a primer, is a mattifying lotion with antioxidants has an SPF that is UVA/UVB SPF 20 and is tinted so it has enough coverage to make my skin tone look even . It controls sebum production to normalize oily skin. It also reduces shine for up to eight hours.  I love this because even after my workout I wasn’t shiny and it isn’t heavy like a foundation.  It gave me great coverage and kept my skin feeling moisturized.  You can also add a little more in areas that you need to build coverage.  It goes on sheer so that it looks like your skin is naturally flawless. It could be used on all skin types.  I love that it has an SPF so it’s great for when I run, hike or go to the beach.  I want it in a shade darker than I have now for the summer time.

You can buy it here, Cosmedicine.

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