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Katherine Goldman is the owner of Stript Wax Bar, she founded it in 2009. Katherine was an esthetician for over seven years before she decided to open up her first waxing salon in San Francisco.  She had a vision of creating a salon that was dedicated to the art of waxing.  Katherine created her own wax, that is gentle and painless.  Stript also offers a variety of other services such as tanning, vajacials, vajazzels, and more.  Stript Wax Bar now has nine different locations.

Today Katherine shares some waxing tips with us:

How did you decide to create your wax?

I decided to create my own wax after many years in the field using what professional waxes there were on the market. Having used over 20 varieties of wax, I thought I could improve on what was out there and make a wax that was gentle yet effective. I set out to educate myself on ingredients and product formulation and after many trials finally found our current formulas. I can honestly say that we have the best, most gentle wax that provides complete hair removal.

How long should you wait between waxes?

At least 4 weeks at max 6 weeks. Your hair will be too short before 4 weeks. Anything longer than 6 weeks it’s advised you trim down before your waxing appointment. The hair should only be as long as a grain of rice. It takes 3 weeks because the hair goes through 3 cycles before it is ready to be pulled. As you can see from the diagram the old hair is ready to be pulled to make room for the new hair coming in. It may take a few visits to get all the hair follicles ready to shed at the same time giving a more smooth and even appearance in the skin but it’s worth it.

How can you avoid ingrown hairs?

Some people are just prone to ingrown hairs. Luckily, you can count on inexpensive pair of exfoliating gloves and vegan soap, I swear by the Vajacial scrub sold at Stript Wax Bar .

If you want something a little more aggressive look for products that have salicylic acid (aspirin) and alph-hydroxy acids. My go to is PFB Vanish. It’s a major game changer! It’s comes in a reg formula and one with a pigment lightener for the perfect bikini line.

How is your wax different from other waxes?

I’m gonna go on a limb here and say magic! Our wax is custom formulated. We custom formulate all our 5 waxes, In the beginning, I used to test product on myself until it was just right. The ultimate sell was when I used our own wax safely and comfortably through both of my pregnancies. I trust that kind of realness in a product.

Is there anything you can do to prepare before a wax?

Take a ibuprofen then jump in the shower and be sure to trim so the hair is no longer then a grain of rice and exfoliate. If you can wear cotton undies and something comfortable, please do! Disco pants may not be the best option right after a wax.

Should you exfoliate your bikini area after a wax?

Right after a bikini waxing regardless if you get just the bikini line or the whole shebang, please do not do any of the following for 24 hours:

*Work out

*Take a hot bath or sauna

*Ride the bull at Saddle Ranch

*Go for bike ride

*Sun Bath

*Wear daisy dukes or disco pants

*Get a tattoo

*Exfoliate or use a scrub

What’s a Vajacial?

A Vajacial is THE best thing to happen to you vagina since the kegel!!! It’s a four step facial for you bikini area!! Say BUH-Bye to brutal ingrowns and embarrassing hyperpigmentaion.

step 1: Cleanse

step2: Treat the ingrowns

step3: Apply a papaya based exfoliating gel ( think of it like a Ms. Pac Man eating away all the dry dead skin cells)

step 4: Pigment brightening mask

Tip for our readers?

*Do not wax the day off a photo shoot, big date, or a long plane ride. Do it the day or 2 days before if possible.

*Know that if you are close to your cycle it WILL be more painful

*Always do a curtsey check in the mirror before your service.

*Always, always, ALWAYS communicate with your esthetician. If you are on any medication, treatments, pregnant, or if something just doesn’t feel right, speak up. It’s your body and your money, don’t be afraid to let us know what going on with you. We WANT to know, It 1oo% IS our pleasure to make you a happy client that will trust us enough to keep coming back.


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