Leonor Greyl: Bain Vitalisant B & Masque Fleurs De Jasmin

Leonor Greyl

Leonor Greyl is one of my favorite lines of hair care products.  I recently learned that this is a family business, with over 40 years of hair care expertise. Leonor Greyl uses the finest botanicals and natural ingredients, and is one of most luxurious hair care brands.  They are also the first line of hair care that incorporated vitamins into their shampoos.  I tried a shampoo and conditioner that is great for thin hair, sensitive hair, color treated and dry hair.

leonor greyl

The first product I tried is the Leonor Greyl PARIS Vitalisant B which is specifically formulated for fine, color-treated or highlighted hair.  I love this shampoo.  It doesn’t have a foam lather because the it’s made from natural ingredients.  It contains avocado oil, jojoba oil, so it really makes your hair feel soft and gives it vibrance.  My hair is limp and it made it look full.  Your hair color will remain vivid and brilliant and will look super shiny after using this.  This shampoo is very concentrated so you don’t need to use a lot of it.  It will also help protect against UV rays protecting your strands.



leonor greyl
Masque Fleurs de Jasmin is a great hair mask.  I have long, dry, color treated hair.  It really made my hair feel soft and manageable.  The mask has a strong floral fragrance, when you wash it out the fragrance is just lightly left in your hair.  The suggested use for the mask is 10 minutes but I left it on longer and my hair was really transformed.  It was bouncy and looked really healthy.  It contains Acacia collagen, and amino acids that nourish your hair. It’s great for dry, thin or limp hair.


I’m a huge fan of Leonor Greyl and have so many more products that I want to try from them.  You can find them here, Leonor Greyl Paris.

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