The A List with Marisa Berenson

marisa berenson

For over 40 years Marisa Berenson has been in the public eye as a model, actress and icon.  She has been on the cover of Vogue, Time and many others.  She has been nominated for two Golden Globes and a BAFTA nomination.  She won Best Supporting Actress from the National Board Review for her role in Cabaret. Yves Saint Laurent named her “the girl of the Seventies”.  More recently she has added skin-care creator to that list.  She has recently created her own luxury skin care line, Sublime Care from Marisa Berenson, it is natural, pure, and carefully curated. Marisa is the granddaughter of the legendary designer Elsa Schiaparelli. In her line she finds a balance of beauty and wellness.  Marisa is in London now and will be starring in the upcoming Kenneth Branagh production of Romeo and Juliet, she plays Lady Capulet with Derek Jacobi (Romeo) and Lily James (Juliet) opening on May 12, 2016.

Today Marisa shares some beauty tips with us:

Name: Marisa Berenson                       Home Town: Born in New York, Resides in Paris & Marrakech

First Job: U.S. Vogue with Bert Stern (first time she was photographed and featured in a publication as a model)

One Beauty Product every women should own: My Fabulous Oil

One beauty tip you learned from your mother: More from my grandmother than my mother –
I used to sit with her at her dressing table in her bathroom while she was getting dressed , she would take a face cream jar and burn the bottom of it with a match then smudge the black over her eye lids making them look wonderfully sultry and mysterious…. I also discovered she used to bring back prickly pear oil from Tunisia in a raw form and use it on her skin…..I have based my whole beauty line on this fabulous, natural anti-aging oil…

Recent Beauty Splurge: Relaxing body massage and facial Ritual with my own Sublime skin care products and body crème at the Sofitel, Saint James, London

I don’t leave home without: My own Filler a.k.a. “my magic wand”

Drugstore Favorite: All the non-beauty product essentials

Beauty Inspiration: Nature

How I relax: I meditate, which is very important for relaxing and centering, sleep 9 hours at night if i can and for relaxing pleasure I watch movies or fabulous Tv series.

Always in my fridge: veggies, salads, almond milk, and coconut milk

Guilty Pleasure: (But not guilty, just pleasure) – Very black chocolate with no sugar or dairy, almond and peanut butter

Beauty Products that should be invented: Secret, as I am currently working on creating them

Beauty Tip for our readers: Take care of every part of yourself including your body via what you eat and what you do to stay healthy and in shape. The mind is important, so think positive and do positive. Take good care of your skin and your soul. Be mindful of what you think and what you put out into the world. True beauty is inside and out.

To learn more about Marisa go to her website, Marisa Berenson Beauty.  You can see Marisa star in Romeo and Juliet at the Garrick Theater – 2 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H0HH.

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