Norvell Dancing With The Stars Self Tanner

dancing with the stars self tanner

Dancing With The Stars is back and so is Norvell with a new collection of DWTS Self Tanner.  Now it has Vio-7 which helps counter any orange undertones leaving you with a bronze tan.  I tried three products from this line PERFECTION which is self tanning mousse, PERFORMANCE a self tanning airbrush spray and ENDURANCE which is a gradual tanner CC cream.  I loved all three of these and thought my tan looked very natural.  They are all easy to use and look totally even when applied.  These are so great because you can get that sun kissed look without the skin damage and both men and women can use this.

Perfection is a mousse that is easy to apply.  What I love about this is you can see where you are applying it and for someone like me who doesn’t use self tanner very often it is helpful.  It lasts for about 5 days before it starts to fade.  Some tips before applying are exfoliate, shave or wax, and then apply a light moisturizer before applying.  Do not rinse it off, the mousse develops into a tan over 24 hours.  Wait 24 hours to decide whether you want to apply more for a deeper tan.

Performance is a self tanning spray, so you wont really see where this is going on your body like the mousse but if you spray in a sweeping motion it will come out even.  What I love about these products is that there are no streaks.  It looks very natural and I love the color it gives me.  It looks like I just came home from a beach getaway.  Also, avoid dark areas like your elbows, knees, and knuckles.

The last product that I tried from this line is Endurance which is a gradual tanner CC cream.  If you have never heard of a CC cream it is a color correcting cream.  So it will help even out your skin tone colors, like redness, grey, or whatever your skin tone needs.  It also helps tone your skin and brighten it, it will make your self tanner last longer as well. It’s great, you will want to use this with one of your self tanners.

You can find these here, Norvell Dancing With The Stars.