Winter Skin Care Guide

dry winter skin care


Growing up in LA I am use to the dry weather but during the winter my skin takes a toll.  It’s that cool dry desert air that really dries out my skin and makes it itchy.  You can get back your glow and have your soft feeling soft and hydrated with these products. It won’t take a lot of work and you’ll see results right away.

First start with a good face sponge, I am using Doll Face Beauty’s Pretty Puff in Charcoal. This style sponge comes from Asia, it’s the best and I could never find it in the US before until now.  I use to only get them when I would go to Taiwan. It is a natural Konjac with Bamboo Charcoal.  It’s so gentle it will gentle buff your face, exfoliating all your dry skin away. It’s great for all skin types from sensitive to acne, anyone can use it.

Find it here, Doll Face Beauty.


Step two, get a gentle face wash.  You don’t want a face wash that is going to strip your face leaving it squeaky clean, that will lead to more dryness.  I am obsessed with Honor MD’s Cleanse Anti-Aging. This cleanser is so great it will gently remove makeup, excess oil and impurities.  It’s so gentle that I used it after a skin peel and it did not irritate my skin at all.  It contains vitamins, peptides and oils that help with anti-aging.  It leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated and also feeling very clean.

Get it here, Honor MD.


Step three, use a great serum.  I am in love with everything Algenist.  If there is one product that everyone needs to add to their skin regime it’s a retinol.  The great thing about Algenist’s Retinol Firming & Lifting Serum is that you can use this retinol serum during the day as well as the evening.  Never forget to use your SPF especially when you are using a retinol because your skin will become slightly more sensitive to the sun. This retinol is so gentle that it will not irritate your skin like some do and you can see results within 10 days! Retinols help with skin texture, it helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles, it will also help your skin look more radiant.

Find it here, Algenist.


Serums are a must! Don’t skip this step, it’s a must for everyone. I loooove serums and can’t get enough of them.  You can layer serums so the tip to using multiple products is applying thinnest to thickest.  So if you have a serum that feels very thin apply it first then apply a heavier one after that, then your moisturizer. I have been using Borghese’s Active Booster Serum. This serum is different from other serums because it is made to be used with a face mask.  So after you apply it put on your favorite mask, whether it’s a sheet mask or a hydrating mask it will boost your hydration in your skin and lock in moisture.  It will help restore your skin’s vitality and suppleness.  It will also help firm and tighten your skin with continued use.  It’s amazing.

Buy it here, Borghese.


When you layer products you don’t have to put on the heaviest cream.  Especially if you have sensitive skin, so that you don’t congest your skin.  I love Avene’s A-Oxitive Antioxidant Water Cream. I love this moisturizer because it’s light weight but very hydrating.  It has time released Vitamin C and E that help fight free radicals. It protects your face from environmental stressors.  It also has mother of pearl in it to help give you a glow and Avene’s Thermal Spring Water which helps soothe and soften your skin. You can use this on the most sensitive skin types.

Get it here, Avene.


The best type of beauty product are the ones that you apply at night and wakeup looking more beautiful.  I love overnight treatments, especially Tula’s Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment. You’ll see results in just one use.  You apply this in the evening after you have cleansed your face.  You can apply the Algenist serum or just use this alone.  This overnight treatment is filled with probiotics and natural peptides that will help reduce fine lines.  It will make your dull skin tone look bright and firmer. This is a must have for everyone, your skin will thank you.

Buy it here, Tula.