Foods to Eat for Glowing Skin

Healthy skin isn’t just about having good genes. You can get healthy skin by the things you eat. A good diet and help you have glowing skin and also help you fight against aging. Topical creams can only do so much but if you want long lasting results there are foods that can help you achieve that.

Here is a list of foods you can eat to help transform your skin into youthful, glowing and pretty skin. You may not like all of the fruits, veggies and other foods but hopefully you can find something in this list that you can add to your diet or maybe you will find out something good about the things you already eat.

Antioxidants are important for your skins health. This one is a pretty well-known antioxidant blueberries, antioxidants are good because they help fight free radicals, that can lead to cancer or other age-related diseases. Blueberries are a natural anti-inflammatories. Aging and wrinkling is caused by inflammation, eating blueberries can prevent long-term cell damage. Blueberries also help with eyesight, improves memory, prevents UTI’s, and lowers cholesterol. If you don’t like blueberries other fruits that are high in antioxidants are plums, blackberries, strawberries, artichokes, beans (black, red, and pinto), prunes, red delicious apples, green apples, cranberries, goji berries, raspberries, papayas, mangos, and pecans. Also, green tea, it helps with skin damage, helps against ultra violet rays, helps with dieting and weight loss, and it’s an anti-inflammatory. If you don’t want to just snack on the fruit add them in a salad, or cereal.


Vitamin A, is important for your skin not only does it help against anti aging it also helps your skin cells slow down from aging keeping you looking young and youthful. Vitamin A is in Retina A which is only topical. So by eating foods rich in vitamin A it will help your skin even more. Foods rich in vitamin a are kale, low fat dairy like plain yogurt, carrots, liver or pate, spinach (pretty much any dark leafy green), sweet potatoes, broccoli, butternut squash, red and green leaf lettuce, cantaloupe, paprika, dried apricots, dried parsley, and cayenne pepper.

Omega 3 fatty acid, what omega 3 fatty acids are good for helping bad toxins not getting absorbed in your body, helps with dry skin, helps keep nails and hair strong, wrinkles, mood swings, depression and helps with weight/metabolism. Omega 3 fatty acid is known as good fats. Here are a few foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, Salmon, walnuts, flax seeds, olive oil and garlic.


Selenium, with DNA repair, elasticity of your skin keeping it firm and tight, it’s also said to help with asthma, helps with free radical damage to your skin, research has said it helps with prevention of cancer too. Here are some foods rich in selenium, tuna (eat this in moderation because of mercury), turkey, beef, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, cod, eggs, mushrooms, onions, and grains. You don’t need much selenium a day because if you eat too much it can be toxic (over 400 mcg a day) about 55 mcg a day is what you need, which is about one brazil nut a day for women.

ganze und halbe reife avocado isoliert auf weissem hintergrund

Monounsaturated Fats, help your skin from wrinkling and keeps it looks smooth and young. It also helps with the decrease in breast cancer, helps with weight loss because it helps you feel fuller, lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke (so snack on raw almonds), and helps decrease tummy fat (but if you want to decrease belly fat eat less sugar) Foods rich in monounsaturated fats are nuts, such as brazil, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, peanuts and pistachios. Avocados (also helps your hair look shiny and gives your skin an overall glow) are also a good source for monounsaturated fats, so don’t pass on the guacamole next time. Olive oil is also a good source of monounsaturated fats.

This is just a few foods that you can either add to your diet or see what you are already eating to help with over all health and beauty. Take care of your skin and go out and eat some raw almonds! Don’t forget to drink water!