Talk Beauty with Anna Post

Anna Post

Anna Post is the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Pos,t she is also the co-author on of the Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th edition (I have it, it’s updated with modern etiquette, it’s a must-have) and several other etiquette books. She is also a regular contributor to Reuters and has previously written for and The Huffington Post. She’s an expert on modern day etiquette from pop culture (texting, email etiquette), green weddings, and business etiquette.


Anna is a classic and natural beauty and she shared what some of her favorite beauty products and tips are:

My husband says one of the first things he noticed about me years ago was my perfume—classic Marc Jacobs. I wear it everyday, even if I’m just repainting the living room

Sometimes I wish I had my dad’s blue eyes, but I did get lucky with long, dark lashes, and love to make them even longer with Dior’s DiorShow mascara in rich black—for casual work days I’ll just do that along with a quick swipe of Fresh Sugar Plum lip balm.

Hands are front and center at book signings, so lots of hand cream (go drugstore on this one), great rings, and a fresh manicure are a must. (Chipped polish drives me nuts, so I always do my own nails to stay on top of it.) To go understated, I like OPI’s Just Tea-Sing (neutral), but it’s Dark Side of the Moon, a deep aubergine by Deborah Lippmann, for an edgier look.

Thanks Anna!

To read more about Anna and if you need a refresher on manners and etiquette you can go to  The Emily Post Institute website and also go to their daily blog You can also follow both Anna and The Emily Post Institute on Twitter at @annapost@emilypostinst, Facebook The Emily Post Institute and on Pinterest Emilypostinst.

You can purchase the 18th Edition of the Emily Post etiquette online, it’s great to have or give as a gift. I love some of the advice they give on modern day questions like is it ok to “unfriend” someone on Facebook, you’ll have to check out the book to find out that answer!