Beauty Myths Revealed

I’m the first person to try anything, even if it’s weird (example is the fish pedicure). Today I am going to tell you about the things that I have tried and didn’t work for me. Maybe some of you have tried these and they have worked for you, if they have let me know what I did wrong.


Used Coffee Grounds Scrub, what it claims to do is get rid of cellulite appearance. What you are supposed to do is take used coffee grounds and go in the shower and mix it with a little body cream and rub it on your trouble areas. Rub it on your cellulite for a minute and then rinse. I was excited to try this, it seemed easy enough. Unfortunately, it was very messy and I rubbed it on my legs for more than a minute and didn’t see a difference. I didn’t want to give up on this. So of course I tried it again and again. Again, nothing happened. Does it work? NO!!!


Saran wrap, what it’s suppose to do is help with weight loss. Well, it really is supposed to help with water weight (which we all knows comes back immediately). Yeah, I fell for this one. I wrapped my legs with saran wrap, my tummy, and my booty. I thought that maybe I could lose some inches (yeah I was hopeful). First of all, its uncomfortable and you get hot like self combust hot. So you want to drink water but what you’re trying to do is lose water weight so it’s a catch 22. I wore my saran wrap outfit all day around the house and when I took it off and looked in the mirror all I had was saran wrap marks. It definitely didn’t work. Wrap your veggies not your legs.

Closeup of Toothpaste

Toothpaste, it’s suppose to get rid of pimples. I know you are supposed to use the white toothpaste and not gel but every time I have tried this it has never worked for me. When I have tried this when I wake up the next day hoping my blemish has gone down or away, it’s still there.

Preparation H, supposedly it reduces puffiness in your eyes. First of all this item is embarrassing to buy because no matter where you go the cashier looks at it and you know what they are thinking (butt pain). I wanted to say look it’s for my eyes but I didn’t feel like I had to defend myself. So now you don’t have to wonder if this works and buy go through the embarrassment of buying this (I already did it for you). It doesn’t work and it actually just left my eyes looking greasy.


Pulling out grey hairs, this is a MYTH! It’s just not possible, I’ve pulled the grey hairs I have out to see if more grow and they never grow in the same place. If this was true don’t you think grey balding men around the world would be pulling out more hairs to have more grow. If you have grey hairs go see a colorist.

Cocoa Cream, what people say is that it’s supposed to get rid of stretch marks. I have rubbed cocoa cream on my stretch marks and you know what?! I still have them.  My friends who have had babies told me that it’s more of a preventative thing than a fix.  But I still have mine they didn’t go away.

oil blotting

Toilet Seat Cover, ok this one works. If you find yourself looking shiny and you don’t have anything to blot the shine away. Go to the bathroom and use the seat cover as a blotter it absorbs the oil and ta da you look pretty again.

eye lash curler

Heating up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer, ok do you really need to curl your lashes to the extreme? This can get dangerous…unfortunately for me I did this. I heated up my eyelash curler with a blow dryer and tried curling my lashes. One it was HOT and your skin on your eyelids is super thin and sensitive. Two it did curl my lashes but not any more than if I had just used my eyelash curler normally. Save yourself the hassle and use the blow dryer for your hair.


Sardines, ok yes I did do this, I know you’re wondering what it’s suppose to do. Make your eyes look younger(duh!)! You are supposed to put the sardine under your eye and magically you look younger (it makes sense right?!). This doesn’t work (obviously) as I was doing it I knew it wasn’t going to work but it was worth the try. I hate whoever told me to do this or where ever I read to do this. It smells and is weird. Bottom line don’t do it! On the bright side, after I did this my cats were my best friends.


A frozen spoon, this is supposed to curl lashes. This takes a lot of effort and it doesn’t work. Leave the spoons for soup.

Ok this one is the grand finale.


Turmeric face mask, I went to an amazing five day Indian wedding and I saw that they put this on my friend’s face who was the bride. The next day her skin looked great. I didn’t even bother asking how they made the mask. I went to a local international market when I got home to make my own I thought it would be easy. I bought turmeric powder and mixed it with rose water and applied it to my face. On the box it said to allow it to dry for a half hour or more it also did not say how much to use of the turmeric and rose water. So I had made a pretty thick face mask and let it dry for an hour. My face was stained YELLOW!!! I could not remove the color for THREE days. So my bright yellow face made me a prisoner of my home for those three days. I am sure there is some reason people make this mask and a better way of doing it but don’t do it my way!

If you have tried these and it worked let me know what you did and I’ll try it again. My advice is save your time and energy and don’t try these at home! If you ever heard of something you wanted to try but never wanted to ask me I might have tried it or I will try it!

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