The A-List with Bonnie Mckee

11094218_683423225095317_2497225359151661416_nThis week, The A-List is with my good friend Bonnie McKee. Bonnie isn’t just beautiful, she’s a singer/songwriter who has worked with everyone from Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, and Taio Cruz, just to name a few. Her hits that she has written include California Girls, Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night, Roar, American Girl, Dynamite, Hold it Against Me and many others. She’s also appeared on CSI NY, Platinum Hit and you have heard her own music in several TV shows and movies.  She was recently featured in Forbes giving fincancial advice.  She just released her new song Bombastic! As you can see Bonnie is gorgeous, I love her hair and her fun style.

Name: Bonnie Mckee

Current City: Los Angeles

FIRST JOB: Baskin Robins scooping ice cream, then selling knives door to door.

DREAM JOB: Mega Pop Star!

ONE BEAUTY PRODUCT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD OWN: Kiehl’s tinted moisturizer. Light coverage, gives me that dewy glow and actually feels good on my skin! Plus it has sunscreen, which is essential.

ONE BEAUTY TIP YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR MOTHER: I always keep Neutrogena 130SPF sunscreen in my car and put it on my hands every day for when I’m driving. She says that your hands and your neck age the fastest and are a dead give away!

RECENT BEAUTY SPLURGE: I paid 150 bucks for limited edition MAC lipstick shade on ebay called Candy Yum Yum.

I DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: A teasing comb, MAC Blacktrack fluid black eyeliner.

DRUGSTORE FAVORITE: Garnier Fructise makeup wipes! I have ten packs all over my house! One in the bathroom, one by my bed, one on my vanity, one in my car… excellent for removing heavy makeup but aren’t greasy. Full of vitamins that really nourish my skin. I don’t even wash my face at night, I just use one to take off the makeup and one more for extra clean and dose of moisture. Love!

BEAUTY INSPIRATION: Jane Fonda, Gwen Stefani, Bridget Bardot

HOW I RELAX: Making vision boards, watching Mad Men, endless ebay shopping

ALWAYS IN MY FRIDGE: Kombucha, Coconut water, grapefruits

BEAUTY PRODUCT THAT SHOULD BE INVENTED: Lash enhancers that DON’T change the color of your eyes!

BEAUTY TIP FOR OUR READERS: Don’t wear too much eye shadow. It can make you look older! I prefer a winged cat-eye liner, it’s classic and flattering on just about anyone as long as you get the angle of the wing right. I start the angle of the wing tip curving up before the outer end of my lid to get a more poppy, open Bambi look, rather than painting the curve at the very end of your lash line for a Cleopatra look, which can sometimes make your eyes look smaller.

You can keep up with Bonnie several ways, Twitter @bonniemckee her instagram  @bonniemckee,  and get some behind the scenes with Bonnie on Snapchat Bonnie Mckee.