How Much Product Should I Be Using?

How much product should I use

After watching my boyfriend, friends and even my mom apply products to their face I knew there was a need for this post. Out of everyone my boyfriend is the worst, he will go through a bottle of a face wash in a week, finish my La Mer, La Prairie cream in a week and half. I had to start hiding my products so he couldn’t use them. Which opened a different can of worms since he prefers my products and neglects his own.

Using too much becomes wasteful, and expensive.  Applying too little then you won’t get the full benefits of the product also using too much can result in greasy skin or hair, and/or flaky patches.

How much product is do you need to apply?

how much product should i use face wash

I’ll start with face wash depending on what kind of face wash you use it will be different sizes.

Foam wash will be a golf ball size since you usually mix it with water it gets diluted.

Milk or cream face wash will be the size of a quarter

Gelish face wash will be the size of a water bottle cap


Eye Cream will be size of a grain of rice, don’t forget to apply with your ring finger and just pat. No pulling the eye area is sensitive.

coffee bean eye cream

Serum should be the size of a coffee bean. You don’t want to apply too much because you will look greasy. Since you will be applying moisturizer after the serum.

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Day cream, whether it is cream or water based gel use the size of a contact lense.

Night Cream should be the size of a quarter. Be  generous here at night skin is most receptive to ingredients, like retinol and salicylic acid.

Other face products like spot treatments for acne and lightening treatments should be the size of a pea depending on the area you want to cover.  If you apply too much it can irritate the areas you don’t want to treat.

Exfoliating scrubs, you don’t want to use them everyday because it can irritate your skin and also cause it to increase oil production which leads to acne.  So I probably wouldn’t do it more than 2-3 times a week.  Apply about a quarter size amount and wash it in circles around your face avoiding the delicate eye area.

Let’s move along to hair care.  Using to much product can weigh your hair down making it look lifeless and limp, using too much will make it look greasy.  You can add more or use less depending on the texture and length of your hair.

Shampoo should roughly be a quarter for medium length hair. Too much of this good thing can leave hair dull, dry, and prone to split ends. For short hair use a little less than that and for long hair depending on how long your hair is use about 2 quarters.

Conditioner this one varies.  I have very dry hair from not brushing it daily and from several bad dye jobs.  I have very long hair and I start off with about a quarter size.  Definitely brush your hair before you enter the shower.  This will help with tangles and applying the shampoo and conditioner.  Coat your hair from mid-shaft to ends and then if you feel like you need more add a little more.  Don’t over condition it will leave your hair looking lifeless.

Hair Conditioning Mask or if you use an oil like Almond or Coconut Oil as a treatment.  Use about a quarter size.  These masks and treatments help with people who dye their hair, use flat irons or hot curlers.  Or if you just have naturally dry hair.  If you have time and you use Almond or Coconut oil to treat your hair I leave it on over night and wash it out (put a towel over your pillow case).  If you don’t have the time for that you can apply a conditioning mask or oil and wrap your hair up and either sit out in the sun or put your hair dryer on low for 15-20 mins and it will help with extra absorption.

Shine Serum use about the size of two peas.  Shine serum should be applied to wet hair, two drops will fight frizz sufficiently and keep hair sleek.  Hair serums have a heavy, somewhat oily texture, so too much can make hair look greasy.  When you are applying shine serum to dry hair to tame flyaways throughout the day, rub about one pea-size drop between your hands, pat onto hair, working from the ends up.  Try not to put too much on the top of your hair it can quickly go from looking sleek to heavy, greasy and weighed down.

Leave in Conditioner, use about a quarter size it will help take out  tangles, adds shine and helps close hair cuticles.  It also helps with fly aways and static.  Always apply it in damp or toweled dry hair.

Mousse use about the size of a golf ball for medium length hair add more for longer hair. For shorter hair I would say about half the size of a golf ball.  Apply mouse in damp hair and rub it in your hands and then pull it through your hair.  If you are trying to add volume to fine or thinning hair focus on the roots.

Gel should be the size of a nickel, it tames hair even though it seems like a little.  Gel goes a long way.

Styling Wax, should be the size of a pea.  Wax is heavy and can really weigh your hair down.  If you put too much you can’t do anything about it except for wash it out.  Warm it up in-between your palms and then pull it through your hair.  You make your hair look piece-y by applying it to just a few strands of hair.