Talk Beauty with Jesse Golden



Jesse Golden is a model, a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and a holistic health practitioner. Jesse started her career as a professional Ballerina and danced with the Fort Worth ballet.  At 17 she started her modeling career where she had campaigns with many brands including Abercrombie and Fitch.  Things took a turn for her when she found out she had an auto-immune disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis which lead to her being bedridden.  Through holistic healing, yoga and determination she healed herself.  After her struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis she started a blog called the Golden Secrets where she shares her story and what has helped her through it.

Today Jesse shares her favorite beauty products with us:

I’m very mindful about the products I use, as our skin is our biggest organ so just as I try to steer clear from eating chemicals, I also try to use only organic products on my skin.
My Top favorite products are:
Egyptian Magic– I was first introduced to this product when my son was a baby for diaper rash but it soon became a favorite of mine. I use it on my lips and any place that need extra hydration and works wonders on burns…heat burns or sun burns, takes the sting out instantly.
E3– it is a seaweed algae that I drink everyday it has numerous health benefits but I especially notice the diff in my skin when I take a shot everyday!;)
The Golden Secrets Essential oil– This is my own blend of essential oils that I wear every day and have been for used but finally bottled it! It is an all natural, organic blend based on Roman folklore to entice romance .It adjusts to your own body chemistry creating your own unique scent. It is an adaptogen so it is able to balance your mood. One of my favorite parts is every bottle comes with affirmations to recite while applying to further enhance its benefits and create a practice of self-love. (you can find it here.)
My own concoctions– Im always making products at home but another one of my favs is adding a little baking soda to your daily face wash to make a natural exfoliator. I do this about once a week.

There are several ways you can keep up with Jesse, go to her website , Snapchat is golden secrets, Instagram @JesseGolden, Facebook The Golden Secrets Oil, or you can download her app The Golden Secrets.