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LilFoX product review Coucou Jolie


LilFox Botanicals is a new luxury organic skincare line that is free of synthetic fragrances. sulfates, gmo’s and paragons.  The ingredients are ethically sourced, organic and wild harvested.  LilFox has high quality ingredients and still remains delicate and gentle. All of the products are concentrated essential oils produced from steam distillation of plant matter. The products are packaged in Miron Violet Glass containers which keep the integrity of the ingredients because light can make natural ingredients less potent. These dark glass containers protects them.

I love everything about LilFox, from the packaging, to the scents and the textures of the products and most importantly the way they make my skin glow.  LilFox has high quality ingredients and I love that it’s organic and ethically sourced.  I tried several products from the line and was not disappointed.  I also love the playful names.

Coucou Jolie LilFox

The products that I tried from LilFox Botanicals are the Chlorophyll +Tourmaline Antioxidant Mask, The Aphrodite Rose Toning Mist that has Rose Quartz Infusion, the Maracuja +Rose Youthful Vixen Face Nectar, and the Kalahari Watermelon under eye serum (which I guarantee my boyfriend will steal from me).


I’ll start with the Chlorophyll + Tourmaline Antioxidant Mask, it comes in a powder form and you mix it in the bowl with either water or the Toning Mist.  I mixed mine with the Toning Mist, this was my favorite.  I have never applied a face mask with a brush before.  I love the LilFox bowl and brush, it makes the experience fun.  This mask is good for dry or mature skin, and skin that is acne prone.  It smells amazing because it is made with matcha green tea which help protect against free radicals and it is also an anti inflammatory.  It also has chlorella algae which helps slow down cellular damage and helps with anti-aging. Chlorella algae helps with cell and tissue regeneration. French Green Clay which help draw out impurities from your skin.  The Brazilian tourmaline crystals are also in it and all the ingredients absorb into the skin.

The Aphrodite Rose Toning Mist infused withRose Quartz is amazing (this is also my favorite, I can have more than one favorite right?).  Not only does it smell good it feels so nice when you spray it on your face.  I have been using it throughout the day, it has been refreshing me through out this LA heat wave.  I believe any skin type can use this spray.  It is made with Rose damascene which helps balance and hydrate your skin and your heart. It is infused with Rose Quartz with is known to open your heart chakra, everyone could use more love in their life so why not with a toning spray. There is no water in this so it is not diluted and is of pure ingredients.

I also tried the Kalahari Watermelon Eye Serum.  I didn’t know Kalahari was so I had to google it and it’s a watermelon from Africa.  It is small, perfectly round and yellow inside.  The seeds of the watermelon are rich in Omega 6 essential fatty acids and Omega 9’s which help repair oxidative damage.  Basically it helps fight against pollutants and helps repair the delicate eye area. It also contains Argan Oil.  The applicator is a roll on and the oil just gently is applied. I did pat it in with my ring finger. It didn’t irritate my sensitive eye area and felt very moisturizing.

The last product I tried from LilFox was the Maracuja + Rose Face Nectar.  I applied it after the face mask, the toning mist and the eye serum so it tied it all together.  This is a treatment that helps nourishes your skin.  It also protects it from free radicals, it helps with fine lines and repairs cells.  Maracuja is passion fruit, which is high in Vitamin A + C.  I used it for several weeks and noticed my skin glowed.  You don’t need to use a lot of the oil because it goes a long way and I was surprised on how fast it absorbed into my skin.  It also didn’t feel heavy on.


If you care about your skin definitely try LilFox Botanicals.  You won’t regret it.  There are a few more products that I want to try.  Such as the Bamboo Charcoal Mask, The Neroli Toning Mist, and the Moondust Toning Mist.  Lilfox has body scrubs, deodorant and several other products in the line. You can find LilFox Botanicals here and you can stay in touch with them on Instagram @LilFox_Botanicals.  You can also read an interview we did with Madame Fox, Alexis Rose here.