The A-List with Sue Wong

Sue Wong

Sue Wong is a fashion designer who was born in communist China and escaped to Hong Kong because her mother had bribed the guard with her wedding  jewelry.  Sue and her mother came to the US to be reunited with her father. By the age of 25 Sue became a celebrated American Designer.  Her signature style is old Hollywood glamour she especially loves the styles of the 1920’s and 30’s.  Sue lives to create, she designs over 1500 designs per year.  Sue’s dresses are carried in Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Ave and in 28 different countries around the world. Sue’s designs have a romantic feeling ornate in beads.  Her clothing been worn by Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Biel, Kelly Osbourne, Tyra Banks, and other celebrities.

1. First Job:
Destiny intervened within the first month of enrollment at trade school when I won a first- place scholarship at premiere fashion label, Young Edwardian by Arpeja. I went to work beside the head designer, using her red Singer sewing machine as my desk, presenting her with sketch each day for three hours after school. Within less than a year, I left school to become a full time designer in Arpeja’s sportswear division.

2. Dream Job:

I am living it in my present incarnation–LIVING the DREAM! I am a visual artist who happens to express my art through fashion and style. It has become my art and model for creativity. Beauty and its pursuit has always been important to me, and something that is essential to my very being. I revel in it, I play in the field of beauty. I am surrounded by art and beauty in all my various environments, I am immersed in it. On a everyday basis , I am privileged enough to create beauty–I am living my dream; I am following my bliss and fulfilling my legacy and potential.

3. One Beauty Product every woman should own:

Moisturizer! It is the essential skin saver–great skin is the first rule of beauty!

4. One beauty tip you learned from your mother:

To take care of my skin. My mother has never really used beauty products, and is greatly wrinkled, so I vowed early on to care for my skin.

5. Recent beauty splurge:

I love all La Prairie beauty products, and splurged on their skin care products–an expensive indulgence.

6. I don’t leave home without:

Lipstick. Red lipstick is my classic signature, and I feel positively naked without it! I mix 3 brands in different shades to form my own personal shade of Chinese vermillion red: Mac, Christian Dior and Chanel.

7. Drugstore Favorite:

Maybelline eye pencil in dark brown–it’s a dependable classic that really works!

8. Beauty Inspiration:

Old Hollywood Glamour: I like to turn to the iconic stardust glamour of the classic goddesses of the Silver Screen, such as Harlow, Garbo and Dietrich for inspiration. Their glamour, beauty and magic absolutely left their indelible impression on me…Art, Beauty, Poetry, the glory of Nature and her endless motifs, The Goddess…. All of these have a sacred order in the universe and I look towards them as seminal icons of inspiration.

9. I relax by:

Entertaining special guests in one of my three homes is a relaxing pleasure for me. I enjoy the company of artists and intellectuals as vibrant company. I’ve also been bitten by the travel bug, and have unofficial plans to visit all the profoundly beautiful sacred sites on this planet. I also relax by reading, writing, and listening to music, a pleasure that I cannot live without!

10. Always in my fridge:

Water, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, green leafy vegetables and champagne and caviar!

11. Guilty Pleasure:

Belgium dark chocolate

12. Beauty product that should be invented:

Wrinkle remover

13. Beauty tip for our readers:

Ascribe to Self-Love, Be honest enough to live in authenticity, and be courageous enough to follow your bliss. Stay away from alcohol, drugs, smoking! silivri escort esenyurt escort bahçelievler escort Keep a youthful attitude by dressing in a fashionable contemporary style. Hip over conservative personal style will always make a person appear more youthful.Take risks and live life with verve, nerve and passion!

You can follow Sue on Facebook, her website:, Instagram @suewongfashion, and Twitter @SueWongFashion.