Talk Beauty with Monica Padilla


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Monica Padilla is an attorney, an actress she’s appeared in many National TV commercials and network shows.  She is also a contestant on the current season of Survivor Cambodia.  Monica was on Survivor Samoa season 19 and got voted back for the Allstar season, Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance, season 31.  She grew up in Florida then went to law school in San Diego and now calls LA home.   You can catch Monica on Wednesday nights on Survivor.

Today she shares her favorite products and why she loves them:

Cle de Peau Concealer– I am slightly obsessed with this concealer! Besides my genetic battle with dark circles….Between juggling being an actress and a lawyer, there are some nights or weeks I do not get a ton of sleep which means I am no stranger to really bad dark circles under my eyes. This concealer is amazing! The packaging is like a little lipstick tube, so whether you’re doing full make-up or rushing out the door you can apply it with a brush or just apply it directly quickly blend and go!! It’s only available at Nordstrom or Neiman’s. You can also order it on Amazon but you should probably stop into one of the stores and find out what color you are first. I wear honey 🙂

Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo– we all know that washing our hair everyday is really not great for our hair. I work out a ton and am always tempted to wash my hair everyday but after finding this lil’ brushy guy it pretty much changed my life. I got this dry shampoo from my amazing hair stylist David Dollar. It’s in powder form and comes in 3 different hair types. I tend to use the “Lift Powder” but am tempted to try the “Brunette Formula” next. It smells so good, you will look forward to using it. The brush is similar to a big blush brush so it’s not messy which is great! Too bad I couldn’t have it on Survivor!

Aussie Sun Touched Shine 24 Hour Hi Hold Hairspray– Ok, this is pretty cheap product but it’s amazing! My sister was a teenager/young adult in the 80’s (and not to date myself or my sister but….) I used to watch her get ready to go out and tease the crap out of her hair until it was Peg Bundy big! This of course means a ton of hairspray so the whole house smelled like hairspray. Thank God it actually smelled good! She used to use the old school Aussie formula. Aussie Sun Touched Shine 24 Hour Hi Hold Hairspray smells just as good (if not better) as the original but its a much lighter formula. It’s great for hold or teasing for volume whether you’re doing a full pony or giant curls. Annnnnnd it adds a gorgeous shine so your hair is never dull, flakey or dry-looking. There are a ton of high-end hairsprays out there but I promise none work like this one does and I have tried them. Plus the smell reminds me of being a kid again and watching my gorgeous sister get ready.

Watch lovely Monica tonight on Survivor Cambodia at 8/7c on CBS.


You can also keep up with Monica on Instagram @MonicaPadilla7, Twitter @MonicaPadilla7 and Snapchat @ MonicaPadilla7.