The A List with Eden Sassoon

eden sassoon

Eden Sassoon has been in the beauty industry her whole life coming from legendary pedigree, Vidal Sassoon, Eden’s father.  It only made sense for Eden to continue in the beauty industry,  She owns a finishing studio, Eden by Eden Sassoon.  It is a full service salon that has all your beauty needs in one place.  You can get your nails, hair, makeup all done under one roof.   Eden owns another businesses in LA, Pilates Plus by Eden Sassoon.  She believes in mindful, healthy living to not only feel your best but to look your best. Today Eden shares some of her beauty tips with us.


Name: Eden Sassoon              Hometown: Beverly Hills

First Job:  Mrs. Fields Cookies

Dream Job: The Eden Version ‘O’…A Beauty Self Discovery Pilates ‘We Care’ Compound

One Beauty Product every women should own: Egyptian Magic…If you were on Survivor and had one thing to take this would work for all your needs except food and water.

One beauty tip you learned from your mother: Take care of your skin, at 15 we went to Clarins and she invested in the entire line for me to wash my face (that’s a mom that believes in healthy skin) & Don’t leave home without mascara and lip gloss.

Recent Beauty Splurge: OMG…Life is a beauty splurge…but seriously, Dior makeup!  It covers up my hyper pigmentation.

I don’t leave home without: My heart

Drugstore Favorite: L’oreal Extended Lash Mascara

Beauty Inspiration: Those that lead by example and are truly beautiful.  My mom has embraced her age gracefully and inspires me ever day.

How I relax:  Yoga, Massage and Facials…Someone’s healing touch relaxes me

Always in my fridge:  Apples, Lemons and Hummus

Guilty Pleasure: Flirting

Beauty product that should be invented:  A spray on that gets a person ready completely…attitude and all 😉

Beauty Tip for our readers:  Wake up be grateful. Workout and live a healthy, mindful lifestyle…You can only give what you have.  So become beautiful in every way and share it with the world!

You can keep up with Eden on Instagram: @EdenSassoon, and on Twitter @SassEden.