Talk Beauty with Caitlin O’Connor

caitlin o'connor

Caitlin O’Connor is an actress and model. Caitlin has been seen in the series finale of Two and a Half Men, she was a MTV series regular in Chelsea Settles, as well as After Buzz TV. Her print campaign credits include Target, Macy’s, Sons of Anarchy, Nickelodeon’s The Bratz, Xbox and many more. She is also featured in Maxim Magazine giving girl advice as the “Helpful Hottie.”  Today she is sharing her beauty favorites with us in Talk Beauty.

Here are Caitlin’s favorites:

1. I love MAC Cosmetics – whose acronym stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics – because it is designed for the screen, for photo shoots, heavy coverage, and bright lights. Each MAC store is a one stop shop for everything you need in your makeup bag. But my favorite items on sale there are the foundations. When I wear a MAC foundation to a red carpet or to an event, I always get compliments and my friends want to know where I shop for makeup. Most MAC products are oil-free, so my skin never breaks out. Some products they sell do contain oils like jojoba oil and orange oil as emollients. I also like their social initiative programs like the “cruelty-free beauty” line, their AIDS fund, and the recycling program.

2. Being an actress and model is difficult because you must take care of your skin. I am 25 years old and I have some sun damage and some fine lines. I use products from PCA Skin in my daily skin regimen. I also get regular peels from Mercedeh of Beverly Hills. You can find her on Instagram @Mersedeh  She carries PCA Skin products in her spa.
My favorite product from PCA Skin is their ReBalance hydration cream. It has some powerful antioxidants and is a light moisturizer you can put on before your makeup.

3. My favorite hair product is hair conditioner from Jennifer Aniston’s line of hair care products and it is called LIVING PROOF
The long line for the company is : Jennifer Aniston is Living Proof , meaning she is living proof that great hair care is achieved using products with the ingenuity they integrate. They use scientists to formulate their products halkalı escort büyükçekmece escort tesettürlü escort with no history in the beauty industry so they have no preconceived notions on ingredients that can or cannot achieve beauty industry standards and success. They achieve textured full thick hair using a molecule called PBAE which create a micro pattern of thickening dots on each strand of your hair – which is why I love their conditioner so much!

You can keep up with Caitlin on Twitter @Caitlin_OConnor, and on Instagram @Caitlin__OConnor.