Lauren B. Beauty Fall Collection

lauren b. beauty

Lauren B. Beauty is my new favorite line of nail polishes.  There are so many reasons why they are my favorite.  I’ll start with the facts, Lauren B. Beauty polishes is a 5 free line of polishes which means they are free of formaldehydes, DBP, toluene, and Camphor.  They are also cruelty free and vegan.  I love Lauren B. Beauty’s fun names for the polishes, they are related to Los Angeles where Lauren B. is based out of.

I’m the type of girl who likes to change her polish often, and when I say often I mean at least 3 times a week.  In between mani’s I am doing a lot of at home nail painting.  I am also known to mess-up my nails because I don’t have the patience the let them dry.  With Lauren B. Beauty I don’t have to wait. I can do my nails and they dry quickly.  They keep their shine and the color doesn’t chip quickly.  My favorite thing about these polishes is when you apply them they are not streaky.  Which is why I am always adding color with other polishes, so I can get rid of the lines.  The brushes are so amazing that with every brush stroke your nails are streak free, bubble free and perfect.

lauren b beauty


I tried 5 colors from Lauren B. Beauty’s new fall colors, there are a few more that are gorgeous that I didn’t try.  I tried Espresso On 3rd, Ivy At The Shore, Rose Bowl, Rosé On Robertson, and Griffith Gaze.


I’ll start with the first one that I tried, Espresso On 3rd.  I honestly didn’t think I would like brown polish.  This turned out to be one of my favorite colors.  The color is a rich, edgy espresso color with glimmers of gold.  The color is so pretty and would look great on all skin tones.  It’s a nice change from black, it’s a fresher take on dark polishes.  It’s a fall must.


The next color I tried was Griffith Gaze.  The color isn’t quite white, it has hints of gray, and pink.  The color is a great neutral.  I loved the way it looks. The color is very wearable and it is an everyday color.  I think when fall finally arrives in LA it will match a cozy cashmere sweater perfectly.


Rose Bowl is gorgeous, I knew immediately when I saw it it would be beautiful on.  I painted my mom’s nails with it, we went shopping in Beverly Hills that day and she was stopped several times asking what color polish she was wearing.  A couple of men complimented my mom on her nails as well.  It’s a fun color and great for the holidays coming up, it will really pull your outfit together.


Ivy At The Shore is a very cool color, it’s modern and looks very cutting edge.  I wasn’t sure if the color would look against my skin tone, I’m olive skin toned and I tan easily.  I had thought this would look amazing on someone fair skinned (which it would) but I was pleasantly surprised how great it looked on.  I want to wear it with a white t-shirt and leather skinny pants.  My nails are accessories too.


The last color I tried is Rosé On Robertson, it’s a very pretty color, very feminine. It made me feel delicate.  It has a hint of rose but it’s more golden.  It would look great on every skin tone


Lauren B. Beauty has so many fun colors, there are so many colors that I still want to try, (14 to be exact, I counted).  Once you try one of the Lauren B. Beauty polishes you will want to try them all.  They are addictive.

You can find them here, LaurenB. Beauty.  Check out the post we did with the founder of the Lauren B. Beauty, Lauren, she wrapped up the beauty week with us.  Follow their Instagram for great photos of the polishes on, @LaurenBBeauty.