Anthony Logistics For Men: Facial Scrub

anthony logistics facial-scrub

When it comes to buying products for my boyfriend it becomes tricky.  He’s kinda like Goldilocks when it comes to products, something is too rough, another is too creamy, some feel too oily and it goes on.  To be honest there aren’t that many great men’s skincare lines. So I was so happy when I tried Anthony Logistics Face Scrub it is perfect, it’s gentle enough that he can use it 2- 3 times a week and it also doesn’t leave your face feeling like there is residue on it.

I now try products before I give them to him.  I love this scrub so much that it’s one that we can share.  The scrub left my skin feeling clean and soft.  The scent is so fresh and light, not overwhelming at all.  It feels gentle on my skin and doesn’t irritate it at all, it could be used on the most sensitive skin types.  It also makes me want to try more products from Anthony Logistics.  I looked at their website and there are several things that sound like they would be perfect for me and my boyfriend.  If I try more products from them, I’ll let you know my favorites.

You can find the face scrub on the MenEssentials website, here. You can also find them on Facebook @MenEssentials, Twitter @Menessentials and Instagram @MenEssentials.