Philip B. Oud Royal

I’m OBSESSED with Philip B. Hair Care and now their newest line Oud Royal has made me a life long fan of Philip B. I tried the Oud Royal Shampoo and the Oud Royal Conditioner. If you are not familiar with what Oud is, it’s an oil that comes from a wood that is popular in the Middle East and Asia. It is used in many perfumes and as home fragrance. Philip B. Hair Care uses different botanicals to help your hair for look healthy and beautiful.

Oud Royal Philip B.

Oud Royal Shampoo makes your hair super shiny.  It is made with different botanicals that help strengthen your hair from the inside out.  It helps lock in moisture, helps tame frizz, adding body and shine.  I love it. My hair felt detangled, soft and manageable.  Which says a lot because I have long thick hair that will become knots even if you were to blow on it.  The fragrance is unlike any other hair product you have ever tried.  Its rich and mysterious.  It makes me want to wash my hair every day, but I know that’s a no-no.  It’s great for all hair types, from straight, thick, to curly.


The Oud Royal Conditioner gave my hair,  body and made my dry frizzy hair look bouncy and soft.  You can even use a dab of the conditioner as a leave in conditioner.  Whenever I use the shampoo and conditioner people anadolu yakasi escort always stop me and ask me what perfume I am wearing and I always explain to them its my shampoo and conditioner which leads people not to believe me and come and give my hair a little sniff (awkward). Then once they do believe me they make me write down the name, Philip B.’s Oud Royal.  This happens every single time I use them.

Both of these products are for all types of hair, color treated, dry, damaged, and fine. The scent lasts for days, men and women will both fall in love with the Oud scent. If you are looking for a new luxury shampoo and conditioner buy Oud Royal!

You can buy Oud Royal Shampoo and Conditioner on the Philip B. website,  They have other Oud products as kayasehir escort well such as, Gravity-Defying Gel, Perfect Finish Shaping Fiber (on my list to try), Mega Curl Enhancer (also seems like a must have) and ensest porno the Oud Royal Thermal Protection Spray (also a must try!).

I’m Obsessed! You will be too!