G.M. Collin Hyperpigmentation


G.M Collin is an award winning skin care line that is for men and women.  They have high quality ingredients that focus on helping you get radiant, younger looking skin.  G.M. Collin was founded in France in 1957 by a dermatologist and aesthetician that were one of the pioneers in using collagen in their products.  They are now based in Montreal and continue to use ingredients that are naturally derived active ingredients from plant and marine extracts.

G.M. Collin Deep Cleansing Solution

I tried 3 products from G.M. Collin.  First I tried their Deep Cleansing Solution.  It’s a gentle cleanser that could be used on all skin types from normal to oily.  It is fragrance and alcohol free so it won’t irritate your skin if you tend to wash your face more than 2 times a day.  You apply it with a cotton ball and it foams up and then rinse.  I liked it because it made my skin feel clean and soft.  A little goes a long way.

G.M. Collin Skin care

I grew up in California and have lived all around the world (mostly sunny places) that my skin has seen more of it’s fair share of the sun.  I have sun spots that really bug me especially when people tell me my freckles are cute.  I don’t have freckles!  I am also quite clumsy that I have had a few spills where I have injured my face and now I have some light scars.  Therefore I am always trying new products and SPF to fade the sun spots. So my next product I tried from G.M. Collin is the PHYTOWHITE Dark Spot Serum. For a lightening serum this is super gentle.  I am use to products that tend to make my skin peel (which I’m fine with) but this serum didn’t do that at all.  It could be used on the most sensitive skin types. I used it for 4 weeks and saw a significant difference in my scars.  My scars were not scars that halkalı escort bahçelievler escort fatih escort needed stitches, they would be more like an acne scar.  The scab fell and the sun darkened the area.  I am very happy with the results.  It also made my overall skin tone look more radiant.  That I didn’t feel the need to wear foundation in the day.  Also, a little bit of the product goes a long way.

G.M. Collin phytowhite cream

The last product that I tried from G.M. Collin is the Phytowhite Cream.  The cream is really hydrating and made my skin feel so soft.  I used in with the serum and I think the products really compliment each other.  My skin looked brighter after 4 weeks and my sun spots also looked lighter.  My skin is even toned, it looks fresh and bright.  I think this would also work well on age spots.


If you are looking for skin regime for hyperpigmention  or overall radiance these products would be a good choice.

You can find a spa near you that carries them on G.M. Collin’s website, here.

I will definitely try more products from them.