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Not all polishes are created equal tenoverten proves that it sets the standard high for nail polishes.  It is a 5 free nail polish company based in New York.  The colors are gorgeous I love how the colors are so different than any brand that I have tried.   With so many brands I just have one favorite color from the brand and that’s it.  I tried several polishes from tenoverten and loved all of them.  I change my polish quite often, I can say 3-4 times a week because either I grow tired of the colors of on my nails or I just want my nails to match an outfit.  With the tenoverten colors I wanted to wear them all week and I did.  The colors are so sophisticated and pretty.  If you can describe polishes as high fashion, these definitely fall into that category.

The colors that I tried from tenoverten are, Prince, Mulberry, Fulton, Maiden, Liberty, and Commerce. After trying these I definitely have some more colors that I want to try out.  I love the packaging, the glass bottles are so pretty.  I also love how opaque the colors are.  With so many brands I have to do 3-4 coats of polish to achieve the color in the bottle.  Tenoverten polishes are just 2 coats and it looks perfect.  The polish also dries quickly so even for the most impatient person, you probably won’t mess up your nails and have to redo them.  When I try out new brands I always pick colors that I know I will love and then a couple that I’m unsure of.  I love wearing colored nail polish it’s fun, life is too short to wear just nudes and pinks.  Even if you a person who wears uniform black all day every day, colored nails is a great way to add some color to your life.

tenoverten prince


I’ll start with Prince, it’s a soft lavender.  I always want to paint my nails lavender and can never find the right one. Either the color is too dark, too chalky looking or just not right for my skin tone.  Prince is perfect, as a prince should be.  The color isn’t teeny bopper and its the perfect pastel.  I fell in love with it. I have olive toned skin color and have a permeant tan because I live in LA.  The color would look great on any skin tone and if you think lavender isn’t your color, really it is.  Looking at my nails during the day with Prince on just brightens up my day.

tenoverten liberty

The next color I tried is Liberty.  Its a soft neutral mint.  I wear a similar color that’s a bit brighter all summer long and this is a great color for all year long.  The other color that I wear that is similar to this is too bright for the fall and winter.  I also think that this color will look great on all skin tones.  It is one of my favorites that I tried.  If you try liberty you will love it too.

tenoverten fulton

Fulton is a sheer nude.  I love nude polishes and it’s hard for me to find ones that I like.  This one is not too sheer and gives my nails that perfect buffed looked but still has some color.  I tried it on the palest of my friends and the color looked equally as good on her.  Also, when you are doing at home manicures and you are not great at painting your own nails, nudes are great because you don’t notice mistakes as much.   Tenoverten has great brushes that it makes it easy to do at home mani’s even with the darkest of colors.

tenoverten mulberry

Mulberry is a neutral color but it looks darker on than in the bottle.  It’s a very pretty rose.  I would say for me it falls into the nude category but a darker nude.  I actually have it on now, as a pedicure.  I don’t do pedicures as often as manicures so this is a great color for my toes that will work with every outfit and I never grow tired of the color.

tenoverten maiden

Maiden is a deep purple, and I never thought a color like this would look good on me.  I love it.  I get tired of doing grey and black nails during the winter.  This is a gorgeous color that is great for the fall and winter.  It’s a great alternative to black and still gives you that dark vampy look.  I painted my mom’s nails with it and she got so many compliments when we were at brunch at Eveleigh.  She has asked me now to paint her nails this color several times.  It’s her new favorite color.  I’m really happy I tried it because it’s not a color I would normally go for, I love it.

tenoverten commerce

The last color that I tried from tenoverten is Commerce.  It’s a midnight blue.  I loooove this color, like Maiden it’s a great alternative to black.  It is dark enough to look black in the dark but in the light it has this opaque watery color.  It’s so gorgeous on, I usually have a hard time finding a good dark blue color like this and this is the perfect one.  It’s sexy, and has an edge.  I could easily wear it everyday in the fall and winter months.

I love tenoverten.  There are a few polishes that I definitely want to try, some that I didn’t think would look good on me so I didn’t even consider but now that I have tried tenoverten I think that the colors would look good.  Especially, Austin, Bond, Rivington, Carmine and Church.  You can see the whole collection on their website, tenoverten.


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