Omorovicza Copper Peel



Omorovicza is a skincare company that is from Budapest, Hungary.  They are inspired by the healing powers of Hungary’s famous thermal baths, Omorovicza uses the mineral rich thermal waters in their products. These minerals have skin-transforming benefits, that can be absorbed into your skin.  Turning it from dull to a beautiful glow.  I’m obsessed with peels.  I love doing them, I believe in skin resurfacing.  I love how peels especially in the winter make my skin look bright and fresh.

Omrovicza’s Copper Peel is great especially for peel newbies.  I know a lot of people are afraid of peels and only want to do them in doctor’s office but you can easily do them at home.  The Copper Peel is a great one to start out with if you have never tried a peel before.  It is gentle and super easy to use.  There is no thinking involved.   If you do peels regularly like me you will still love the Copper Peel.

So it is a 2 phase peel, first you apply the blue tube which is the copper paste polisher and for both you don’t have to use the whole tube.  I was surprised how many uses I got out of a tube.  The tubes are resealable so don’t throw away the little plastic thing when you are opening it. After you put the blue polisher on your face you massage it over your skin in circles for a few minutes.  Then you apply the other clear liquid tube.  You apply the clear liquid over the blue and also massage it in your skin, it will sort of foam up.  The clear liquid is a lactic acid activator to smooth the skin.  You massage it in for a few minutes and then you rinse.  Now you have a smoother and brighter complexion.  I did it for myself and my mom and we both loved it.

Why is copper and lactic acid good for your skin? 

Copper helps develop collagen and elastin in your skin.  Which helps maintain the strength of your skin, it helps keep your skin from sagging and keeping it plump.  It also helps with acne because it has antibacterial properties.  It also keeps your skin hydrated.  That’s why when you do treatments like Fraxel they suggest lotions with copper in them to be applied afterwards because of their moisturizing and healing properties.  You might wonder if it might be toxic to put metal onto your skin, it;s not because it can be metabolized by your body.   Lactic Acid helps skin cells resurface and exfoliate. There are properties in lactic acid that help lighten skin discoloration.  Giving your skin a more radiant and brighter tone.

This can be used on every skin type, even sensitive skin.  It is a gentle yet effective at home peel.  Doing peel’s are great in the winter to slough away the dead skin.

You can read more about it here on Omorovicza’s website,  Omorovicza Copper Peel.