The A-List with Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord

Elisabeth Kieselstein cord


Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord is an artist and a model.  She grew up in a creative family, her father is Barry Kieselstein-Cord an American designer and artist.  His brand included fine jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, belt buckles, leather goods, handbags, eyeware, home furnishings and accessories.  Elisabeth helped with her family business designing pieces for their jewelry collection.  She has also graced the pages of  US and Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W and many more.  She has also walked runway for many designers around the world.  Her passions are in art and writing, and anything creative.  She’s an incredibly talented artist.

Today Elisabeth shares some of her beauty tips with us:

Hometown: New York City, Texas, New Mexico and More, come to think of it. I grew up everywhere. Still not grown, yet. 🙂 I’m out in LA at the present. And I’ve spent a lot of time in Europe when I was little. My parents wanted me to feel at home anywhere and everywhere. They made my grades in school a priority, though, Thank Goodness. I worked very hard, and did very well, but I
wasn’t actually present as often as I should have been. I could have applied for homeschooling at a certain point. Yes, I was hideously undersocialized among my peers. I am a geek. A mad, mad geek.

First Job: Artist – Selling paintings in the square as a little one in Florence, Italy.

Dream Job: It would be a volunteer position. A Representative for UNICEF or a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador – a position that helps bridge kindness on a global scale.

One Beauty Product every Woman Should Own : Self-Esteem – I’m not kidding. You can’t buy the damn thing, but everything else is worthless without it.

One Beauty Tip I Learned from My Mother: Don’t Wash Your Hair In Gasoline / No Smoking (Especially if you didn’t listen to that first piece of advice)

Recent Beauty Splurge: Vitamins and Minerals, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, It’s an ongoing splurge – Especially when it comes to fresh juices – Egads.

I Don’t Leave Home Without: Paper and pencil – Drawing pictures relaxes me…Grace is Beauty’s Best Friend, so whenever I can relax, a tiny beauty treatment occurs.  I’m an old-fashioned Southern girl, so hospitality is a fairly serious topic with me. I always think of what someone else may need when I pack my handbag. I fall somewhere between Mary Poppins and McGyver. There’s a lot in there, and I manage to do a lot with a little. If a bizarre emergency occurs, such as a sudden shortage in the worldwide eggplant supply, or a bevy of field mice asks for replacement ears, the contents of my purse could help those afflicted by either crisis.
WARNING: Not both at the same time on One Handbag Nights. One crisis at a time, per purse, please.

Drugstore Favorite: Tiny Scissors for trimming my bangs on a whim.

Beauty Inspiration: What’s inspiring is always beautiful in some way, I’m constantly inspired and forever finding something and/or someone beautiful – The unusual is usually inspiring. Poetry, for instance, has an incomparable way of evoking beauty. The way words can be used to describe what might look mundane to some is beyond magical, and full of truth, too. So I find inspiration from reading and writing. There’s so much room for imagination. Imagination is my inspiration. There you go!

Always in my fridge: Arctic Skeletons that would totally melt if I put them in the closet.

How I Relax: Visual and the performing arts relax me. If I am doing something creative – I lose myself in the flow. Time stops when I’m making artwork. I become Alice and Wonderland, I take a nap and fall down a rabbit hole. Listening to and making music makes my soul falls down flat with glee. Nothing is as relaxing as music, it changes your brain waves and literally hypnotizes your brain and body – and speaks to your soul. I love dancing. And writing is relaxing, too I’m writing a series of short stories called The Chronicle of Peach Vicious by Bunny Cord – writing music is a special flavor of relaxation. Ohhh,blogging! It’s a bit technical, at times, but I love sharing things that make my friends smile and discovering creative things and wonderful diatribes on the internet. I have many blogs, something for everyone – as long as everyone is a bit bonkers. Mine is TheSupermodelGraveyard.Com,  those are some of the WordPress ones that haven’t officially launched yet, but Tumblr! – How I love the Tumblrs. BunnyCord.Tumblr – I could go on…I have a Facebook page (or a couple) that mixes up
incredible or funny pictures of animals and people with some amazing links to help animals locally and globally – I’d love for that page to get more of a following. It’s at LAnimal-Circus-Beserkus-Animal-Circus-Bezerkus.

Beauty Product that Should be Invented: Oh, well, we all dream about the magical makeup mask that you can just pop on and remove, now don’t we?

Beauty Tip for Your Readers: Be Kind. Love, Love, Love then go and Love some more. Love does does more than makes the world go ’round. It makes your eyes sparkle – intelligence and wisdom do, too. Allow yourself to love and be loved – Keep growing, keep learning – the wisest people understand that part of the wisdom of children is their excitement and knack for learning and growing. All those people trying to be young forever, learn to love a little more…The fountain of youth is love. Now, Go shout it from the rooftops. If you get a weird look, actually, when you get a weird look, tell them that I sent you. I’m used to it. ;b


Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord aka Bunny Cord

You can keep up with Elisabeth on Instagram @supermodelgraveyard