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I have a hard time finding workout clothes that I like.  I don’t like wearing the same things as everyone else in LA so that we all look like we are wearing a uniform in class.  Elektrix Love is a new line of active wear that is based out of LA, love that!  These clothes have more of an edge than the normal workout clothes.  I recently fell out of my normal workout routine.  What I love is Elektrix Love is made out of recycled materials.  They are made out of P.E.T. which is basically recycled plastic bottles that are turned into fibers to make items like clothing, fleece, dog beds and so much more.  I love that these clothes are “green” and environmentally friendly.


Having a cute outfit helps me want to go to class whether it’s yoga, pilates, spin or even a run outside.  Elektrix Love has helped me  with my cute work outfits, so it makes me look forward to working out.  I tried the Vortex tank and Voltage pants both in Oynx.  I usually wear a small (dress size 4) but I was worried when I saw their website that it ran small.  So I got the tank and pants in both a escort cologne small and medium.  The small top was a little snug but not uncomfortable but I have been wearing the medium top more often.  For the pants the difference was where the top of the waistband fell.  The small pants the waistband was right below my belly button.  The medium escort nuremberg covered my belly button and was more high-waisted.  The pants and top really look good together.  So if you are curious about sizing I would say it’s true to size.


I wore the outfits to different types of workouts.  I did yoga in them and they are super comfy.  I also escort dusseldorf did spin in them and ran in them and they were great.  I love the look of the onyx tank and pants, I felt like they made me look slimmer.  I do wish I had been more adventurous and tried a fun design like the Twinkle Voltage Pants, which are so cute.  The Voltage Pants and Vortex Tank, could totally be worn as non athletic clothing.  I would wear the crop top with a cute skirt and I could easily pair the pants with a cozy sweater and boots.

If you are tired of basic athletic wear then you should definitely check out Elektrix Love and spice up your workout wardrobe.

You can see the whole collection here, Elektrix Love.  You can also follow them on Instagram and see the clothes in action @Elektrix_Love.

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