Talk Beauty with DJ Fatlip

 Derrick Stewart fatlip

Derrick Stewart is a rapper, music producer and DJ.  He is also known as DJ Fatlip.  Derrick started his career off in the early 90’s as a member of the hip hop group, The Pharcyde who had many hits like Passin’ Me By, Runnin’ and many more.  Derrick has appeared on Jackass, MADtv, and other Tv  shows and movies.  His songs have been in many films and TV shows, like 8 Mile, Entourage, Get Hard, Big Daddy, Half Baked and the list goes on.  Derrick has had collaborations with the L.A. Symphony on a track called, “What You Say”, he collaborated with The Chemical Brothers and has had a cameo in Ludacris’s video, Get Back.   Derrick has also escort berlin shot videos with Spike Jonze and Spike also did a documentary on Derrick called, “What’s Up Fatlip”.   He now tours the world and DJ’s events.

Today Derrick shares some of his favorite products the he takes with him on tour.

Here are his 3 products and why he loves them:

I use Mitchum deodorant because the name has a Miami Vice undercover cop vibe to it . And it kinda makes me feel like Chuck Norris. I get the unscented for that clean yet escort hamburg manly feeling.

on Shampoo…I buy anything unscented. What’s the brand for horses and humans? That’s the one, I forgot the escort frankfurt name but it’s my fave.

and finally, Tom’s toothpaste, I like it because it’s the fastest acting breathe enhancer.

You can follow him on Instagram @OfficialFatLip.