Equitance Skin Care

Equitance skin care

Living in LA, I’m outside a lot.  Whether it’s riding my bike at the beach, having lunch with friends, or just walking around town (yeah, I walk in LA) and even just sitting in the car in traffic.  I have my fair share of sun spots.  No matter how much SPF I use, I still have them on my cheeks, around my eyes.  I try everything that will promise to fade them, and make them disappear.

Equitance is a skin care line that focuses on brightening skin tones it was founded in Japan 18 years ago.  The line is created with botanicals, linoleum acid (a fatty acid that is extracted from safflower seed oil), that help skin cell turnover to improve skin texture and radiance.  Equitance’s botanicals help fade discolorations and dark spots caused by the sun, hormonal imbalance, aging or acne.  With the promise of better overall skin tone I had to try all the products.


I’ll start with the cleanser.  Equitance’s Brightening Foaming Cleanser is really great. I just used a little and it goes a long way.  It really creamy and foams up. The Brightening Cleanser left my skin feeling soft and clean.  It doesn’t feel tight or dry after using it.  It has a really light fragrance that is not overwhelming at all.  I really like how it left my skin feeling after, it is a gentle cleanser that is great for all skin types.  During the winter months my skin always tends to be on the drier side and this is a great cleanser that didn’t leave my skin feeling like it was stripped of my natural oils.



I haven’t used a toner in so long.  So I was excited to use Equtiance’s Brightening Toning Lotion.  You can apply it with a cotton pad or with your fingers.  I applied it with my fingers, I like how it made my skin feel hydrated and soft.  The purpose of a toner is to rebalance your skin, it helps remove impurities, pollution, helps hydrate your skin and helps your moisturizer absorb into your skin and work better.


The Brightening Serum + Spot Corrector helps with hyper pigmentation.  I used the whole line together but if you just need a spot corrector you can use this alone with your other skin care products.  It is a gentle product so it will not irritate your skin.  The Brightening Serum + Spot corrector was featured in Harper’s and Forbes as one of the best spot treatments.  I like how gentle it is, didn’t leave my skin red, and my skin didn’t peel.  I used these products for a month and noticed results.


I love how light and creamy the Hydrating Brightening Cream is.  It doesn’t feel heavy at all on my face, my face feels like it can breathe.  The cream also left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated.  A little bit of the cream goes a long way.  I definitely saw improvement in my overall skin after using the products.  My skin looked brighter, more even toned and radiant.


The Sunscreen SPF36 is awesome.  I occasionally go running, like a few times a week in the morning and I never wear a hat.  I have to make sure I have a good sunscreen.  I love how light this one feels, it blends into my skin easily without leaving any residue.  I use it when I run, under my makeup, everyday.  It is a must have! You need to wear SPF all year-long even if it isn’t sunny out.


Ok, so the last product is the Skin Radiance Dietary Supplement.  I am posting but I didn’t try it because I forgot about it.  I am going to start it today.  I will definitely get a review up of it.  So keep your eye out for the post!

Overall, I think this is a great skin care line.  All the products really complement one another.  I noticed my skin looks better, I am even going out with out foundation on because my skin looks smooth and radiant.  If you don’t want to jump in and get the whole line they have a really affordable trial kit so you can try all the products and see which ones you love and want to add to your daily regimen.
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Check out Equitance, here.