Amika Triple Rx Shampoo and Nourishing Mask

I am already obsessed with Amika products, I tried their hairdryer a few weeks ago and love it!  What I didn’t know is the hairdryer has a special Ion feature on the hairdryer that helps open up the hair cuticle to help treatments absorb into the hair more deeply.  I had to try it with Amika’s Nourishing Mask. I’m always looking for shampoo’s and conditioner’s that will keep my hair soft and manageable.  I have long thick hair that is dry and gets tangled so easily.  Amika is also the only brand that I have used that has an expiration date.  The shelf life is 18-24 months because their products are all natural. I love that!

Amika shampoo

The Triple Rx Shampoo smells so good.  I love it.  It is made with Sea Buckthorn and Keratin.  Sea Buckthorn is great for your hair, it is a plant that has Omega’s and several vitamins that help promote healthy hair.  It helps with hair elasticity, shine, strength, thickness and helps prevent hair loss. Keratin is a protein that is found in hair and skin and helps strengthens it. The Triple Rx Shampoo helps restore the moisture in dry and damaged hair.  I use to think that only conditioner was important and only conditioner could make my hair manageable.  After I tried this shampoo I realized how soft and shiny my hair was.  I could notice a huge difference. You can use this on all hair types even color treated hair.


I was really excited to try the Nourishing Mask because I could use it with the hairdryer.  After I applied the mask, I used the Ion setting on the hairdryer for about 12 minutes.  I was going to do it for just like 5 minutes but the directions said to do it for 10 minutes.  I noticed my hair feeling softer as time passed.  The positive ions open the hair cuticle which help absorb the treatments.  It says not to do it more than 3 times a week because then your hair will be too soft to style.  I did do it 3 times in a week and my hair went from straw to silk.  It was a huge difference.  I couldn’t stop touching my hair and it looked so shiny.  I’m obsessed.   I also used the mask without the hairdryer and it still made it feel soft and manageable.  It’s my new favorite hair mask. Love, love, love!

To find these awesome products you can go to their website and they have a link to help you find a salon near you that carries The Triple Rx Shampoo and The Nourishing Mask, here.  You can read more about the hairdryer, here.