Chidoriya Eye Serum

chidoriya eye serum



Chidoriya is a skin care line that is Japanese and founded in 1949 in Kyoto.  The founder Osamu Horikiri made beauty products from Maiko’s and Geisha’s.  His daughter Tomomi Horikiri was a makeup artist and decided to change her direction into creating skin care after seeing all the skin care problems her clients had, Chidoriya World was created.  Chidoriya is inspired by the skin care rituals that Geisha’s and Maiko’s use.  They are all organic and natural products.

I tried the Chidoriya Brightening Eye Serum which is made from pure Camellia Oil, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Ylang Ylang, Carrot Seed Oil and Frankincense Oil.  Rosehip Oil helps improves elasticity of skin, and helps fight against anti-aging. Camellia Oil is rich in vitamins in A,B,D, E with help with moisturizing and with absorption.  Frankincense Oil helps with the appearance of fine lines.  Carrot Seed Oil helps reduce dark circles and Ylang Ylang helps oil balance in your skin.

What I like about the eye serum is that it’s light and the oil is fast absorbing.  I have tried some natural oil products that just sit on your skin.  This one really absorbs and left my eye area looking fresh, bright and smooth.  My skin was softer.  I tend to write late at night, I used this and my eyes look rested. I love that it’s organic and I love the way it smells.  The fragrance is very slight but it has that warm Frankincense smell.  I really like the serum.

You can find Chidoriya Eye Serum, here.