Air Fit Class West Hollywood

Coucou Jolie

I’m getting back into shape now, I don’t want to wait for after the holidays when it will be harder to lose the extra weight from Thanksgiving, and holiday parties.  I also get bored doing the same classes over and over again. So I like to try different workout classes that are fun.  I have been wanting to try this Aerial class in West Hollywood called Air Fit.  The class is an intense aerial class that incorporates yoga, ballet and Pilates on aerial silk hammocks.

I’m not in terrible shape and I definitely push myself when I’m in a class.  The way I keep my motivation going is I have to keep reminding myself that class is almost over.  I really thought this would just be yoga but using the hammock.  So easy right?!  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  The very first thing we did was wrap our arms up in the hammock and lifted ourselves up from the ground and then I felt how heavy I really am…shouldn’t have had that chocolate bar the night before.  Lindsey, who taught the class told us we would be using our body weight for most of the class.  I immediately felt like I should have lost some weight before I went to this class. I didn’t know I felt so heavy.  No more midnight cookies.

The warm up was easy and fun,  Air Fit uses a lot of exercises you are probably familiar with already.  The warm up was a mix of yoga and pilates but incorporating the aerial hammock. When we started using the hammock I got a little confused, because I am not coordinated, at all.  Lindsey was really helpful and nice, she saw me standing there with one leg up, tangled and confused but when she came over and explained to me what to do I got it.  Once you get it, it’s really easy to follow her instructions during the class.  The class is really fun and it goes by quickly.  When it ended it felt like we just started.

I felt a little embarrassed that I was struggling so much in class, I kept swinging around hitting my neighbors, I’m lucky that everyone was so nice and helping me along.  All the Air Fit classes are all levels, I chose to do an intro one called Air Foundation.  I highly recommend you going to the intro class before trying the others.  You really have to learn how to use the hammock.  Air Foundation is an introductory class to aerial exercises on AIR hammocks.  It teaches you the basics of the class like alignment, foundation, and how balance on the AIR hammock.  After you take a basic AIR Foundation class you try the AIR class which is faster paced (I’ll try that one next).
coucou jolie

During the class I kept thinking I wasn’t getting that much of a workout because I did a lot of untangling of my body from the hammock. In class you do some sit-ups, butt exercises, lots of arm exercises (which is what I really need).  I left thinking, that wasn’t so bad. The very next day I really felt it in my whole body.  I’ll tell you, it’s 2 days later and my shoulders, arms and stomach muscles are so sore, but good sore.  This is a total body workout.  You don’t realize you are working out so much because you are constantly changing positions and the class is fun.  I think that if you did this class several times a week that you could see results quickly.  I will definitely be going back to Air Fit, it is a great class to workout your arms, butt, tummy and legs. Now that I know how to use the hammock I know the next class will be easier.

Some tips when you go, wear clothes that are more fitted.  I had a shirt that was a little loose and when you go upside down it blinded me and you need both hands for the class, you can’t be letting go to try to fix your top.  Bring water, I didn’t because I thought the class would be a breeze.  Go on a light stomach, don’t eat something heavy before going because it is a fast-moving class and you do go upside down and are in positions you normally never would be in, you could get a little nauseous.

You can read more about the class on their site and see their class schedule, airfitnow.