G.M. Collin Bota-Peptide Anti-Aging skincare

This is my second round of trying products from G.M. Collin since I liked the last ones so much.  This time I tried some anti-aging products because I believe it’s never too early to start.  I have some fine lines around my eyes from not wearing sunglasses (my mom always nags me about protecting my eyes) and I have some fine lines on my forehead.  I think the ones from my forehead are from raising my eyebrows when I apply mascara.  I also have laugh lines that are showing up.

G.M. Collin Bota peptide eye contour

The first product I tried is the Bota-Peptide Eye Contour.  The Bota-Peptide eye counter is made with 6 different peptides.  Peptides are chains of amino acids, they help with moisture binding, and also help rebuild your skin cells. Peptides are found in many anti aging skin care products because they have been so successful at keeping skin looking younger and slowing  down the aging process.  G.M. Collin’s eye contour cream is very moisturizing and left my skin feeling soft.  The entire day my skin did not feel dry at all.  It also contains caffeine and vitamin K that help puffiness, dark circles and reduces the appearance of fine lines.  It’s a great eye cream for all skin types. I noticed my eye area looking fresher and the lines were less visible.

G.M. Collin boat-peptide concentrate

The other product I tried from G.M. Collin is the Bota-Peptide Concentrate.  This is not a serum, it’s a concentrated cream. Like the eye contour it is also made with 5 different peptides.  I feel like my face looked fresher and it felt very soft.  It has a very light fragrance that is very pretty, it’s not overwhelming at all.  I definitely didn’t notice my fine lines on my forehead.  It’s gentle enough for all skin types and its moisturizing enough for the driest skin.  Dry skin tends to wrinkle more so you have to find a cream that is hydrating and moisturizing like this one. It doesn’t feel thick on your skin either.  I hate it when creams feel heavy on my face, like it can’t breathe.  This is perfect to wear alone or under makeup.  In the winter my skin feels more dry, G.M. Collin’s Bota Peptide Concentrate is awesome.


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