Talk Beauty: DJ Xenia Ghali


dj xenia



DJ Xenia Ghali is a DJ, songwriter, and producer.  She has made a name for herself as a hot newcomer in the dance and pop world all over Europe and America. She has played alongside artists like Prince Royce and Yandel following choreography by Zumba-creator Beto Perez.  Xenia came out with her debut single for Pitbull’s Mr. 305 Records, “Broken” [featuring Katt Rockell], she has also released her second single ‘Get Dirty’ featuring vocals by Wyclef Jean.  She has been featured in international issues of People Magazine, Ok! Magazine, Hello Magazine, InStyle Greece, and many more. She has played Greece’s Mad Video Music Awards, Michael Costello’s Fashion Show Video and many runway shows.  Xenia currently divides her time between her home in New York City and Europe.

Today she shares some of her favorite beauty products with us:

1) Inglot Foundation High Definition – Tip: Avoid using dry sponges to apply foundation, they absorb (and waste) most of the product! Try using a beauty blending sponge by running it under water and ringing it out. Use a dabbing or sponging motion to apply, not sweeping or swiping.

2) Inglot Matte lipstick 429 – Tip: I love red lipstick! I like to choose a matte lipstick because it’s truly the only product that will stay on all night through drinking and eating. after applying foundation, I first moisturize my lips (this step is important because most matte lipsticks are dry, which is necessary for that permanent wear) then I apply my lipstick with a lip brush which assure a crisp, clean applications.  I always pair this lip color with soft smokey eyes or really bare eyes. When you’re choosing a bold lip color, you want that to be the focus! So try to have everything else a little more simple.

3) Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume – I just simple adore it! I’ve been wearing it since I was 15! It’s my scent.

You can follow her on Instagram @Xeniaghali and you can check out her website here, Xenia Ghali.