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During the seasons, our skin changes because of the environment, the weather and also our bodies change.  It’s really good to customize your skincare to fit the needs of your skin.  Customizing can be difficult if you are unsure of what you need, learn by asking, pay attention to the way your skin changes with the seasons, the weather or environment.   Usually in the winter my skin tends to be more dry than the summer so I look for heavier creams, oils and serums. I also use products that will fade my sun spots during the winter months.  Odacité is an organic skincare line that lets you personalize your skin care, it’s great.  Their products come with an expiration date so everything is very fresh.  Odacité uses natural botanicals and organic ingredients.  When I received mine in the mail, it’s was sent with a card that let’s you know the time frame the products are the freshest which is 6 months from when you receive them.

I tried several products from Odacité.  I wanted to personalize my skin care and also every day I don’t always want to use the same products, some days I might feel my skin my be a little drier than the day before so I might want to add something to my skin to make it more hydrated or maybe I just want to add a bit of serum and cream for an extra glow.  I love Odacité because I can really create a skin care system tailored to my needs.

The products that I tried are Odacité’s Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Crème, the Baobab Sarsaparilla Serum Concentrate, the Papaya Geranium Serum Concentrate, the Green Tea Lemongrass Serum Concentrate, and the Acai Rose Facial Concentrate.  The serums are amazing because they are concentrated and you just need a few drops. You can create day and night treatments, I also find it fun combining the different serums with the cream.

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Odacité’s Oleosome Time Release Delivery Crème is really moisturizing yet light.  I love the way it makes my skin feel so velvety soft. You can use it alone or mix it with one or two of the serums.  When you customize your skin care with serums you can really use the same cream but add a more hydrating serum into it to make it heavier for the winter if you are battling dry skin.  If you want it to help boost your skin’s vitality you can add an anti-aging serum and so on. It’s really versatile and I’m completely obsessed with it.  The ingredient Oleosome is derived from plant seeds such as safflower and almonds. Oleosomes are anti-oxidant rich, they are  microspheres when released, they provide immediate moisturization benefits to skin.  Oleosome technology also provides a delayed release of active ingredients improving the skin’s overall health.  This cream is great for all skin types from sensitive to mature.

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The Acai Rose Facial Serum is focused on helping your skin stay youthful.  It has anti-oxidants in it such as acai berry which is cold pressed into it.  Acai helps promote elasticity, tone and texture amounts other benefits. Rose oil helps improve circulation in your skin allowing oxygen to get to it. You can use these serums alone or mixed with a moisturizer.  It smells lovely and what I really love about the Odacité serums is that they really absorb into your skin. I have tried some botanical oils and they feel like they are just sitting on top of my skin.  These ones really get absorbed and feel very hydrating and leave my skin with a pretty glow.  I used the Acai Rose Serum alone, sometimes I mixed it with the moisturizer and I also mixed it with the Baobab Sarsaparilla or the Papaya Geranium.  When I combine two oils I just do a drop or two from each.  In the day I usually did one and one and at night for a more overnight treatment I added 2 drops from each.  You can play around with it and see what works best for your skin type.  If you have very dry skin or mature skin you might need three drops of each.  Just use what feels right to you.

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I love the way the Green Tea Lemongrass Serum Concentrate smells.  The lemongrass scent reminds me of the scent in spas. This serum has an ingredient called Camellia seed oil in it.  Camellia seed oil was used by the Geisha’s to keep their skin radiant and bright.  This oil has been becoming more popular and I have been seeing it used in many skin care lines.  Camellia oil is filled with anti-oxidants, omega’s and it is rich in oleic acid is a fatty acid that can be found in avocados and it helps restore the skin’s natural barrier. Lemongrass has natural toning properties and in aromatherapy it helps calm and relieve tension. You can combine this serum with the papaya geranium to help brighten overall skin tone.

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The Papaya Geranium Serum also smells so good. This serum helps with hyperpigmentation.  Papaya is a natural ingredient that helps cell turnover and helps fade dark spots caused by acne, the sun or age.  Cell turnover is important because it helps reveal new skin so that your skin tone looks brighter and more vibrant. The geranium oil helps with many things like wrinkle reduction, even skin tone, and it helps balance your mood.  I noticed my skin tone looking brighter after using this and I mixed it with my other serums and sometimes at night I used it as a spot treatment.


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There are so many nights that I don’t get enough sleep as I like, after I started using Odacité’s Baobab Sarsaparilla Serum at night my eye area doesn’t look tired when I wake up.  My eyes are less puffy and I don’t have dark circles around my eyes.   You can use this alone or mixed with a moisturizer, like all the other serums.  Baobab is a superfood, it’s a fruit from Africa.  It is a good source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, B6 and more.  It is known to benefit skin and hair. It helps the elasticity in the delicate eye area and soften fine lines.  Sarsaparilla helps with puffiness and dark circles.  The scent also is supposed to help boost your mood to make you feel happy.  You can combine it with the Acai Rose Serum to help fight wrinkles.

There are so many amazing Odacite serums that you can really find and create skin care that is tailored to what you need.  There are no other skin care lines that have so many options that help you create skin care that is just for you.  It’s really wonderful.  Some other products that I haven’t tried but want to are An Autumn On The World, the Divine Rose & Neroli Balancing Toner Mist, the Ultra Effective Eye Cream, the Night Time Antioxidants Repair Serum, and the Beautiful Day Moisturizer.

You can create the skin care that you need here, Odacité Organic Skin Care.

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