How To Do The Best at Home Manicure

During the holiday’s it is hard to squeeze in manicures.  Or if you are like me, I change my nail polish color quite often, some times I paint my nails three times a week.  I love painting my nails.  Here are some easy tips to follow and some products that I have been using for my at home manicures.


at home manicure tips

Step One:

First start by taking off any old nail polish from your nails.  Use a nail polisher remover of your choice. Take a little piece of cotton and cover a nail stick and gently clean under your nails.  Then soak your nails in warm water.

at home manicure

Step Two:

Then apply a Cuticle remover, Don’t be stingy with it.  Cutting your cuticles is a no-no.  When they grow back they will grow back scaly.  Just push them back with an orange stick.  Wash off the excess  cuticle remover after you have pushed them back with warm water.

Step Three:

karuna hand mask

I have been adding this step into my at home manicure, hand masks.  Not all hand masks are created the same, Karuna is my new favorite.  I have tried hand masks that actually leave my hands feeling wrinkly because they are taking the moisture out  like if you sit in the bath too long.  I have been using Karuna’s Hydrating+ Hand Mask.  It makes my hands look more refreshed, it makes me feel like I’m at a spa and it really helps my dry hands. If you are doing a pedicure they have foot masks, or you can do a foot mask while you are doing a mani…you will love it!

at home mani

Step Four:

File your nails, the easiest is the squaoval shape which is flat on the top and round on the sides, if this is too difficult for you then file to the shape of your finger.  With a fine grain nail buffer you can buff the top of your nails.  Don’t push too hard because it can weaken your nails.

nail and cuticle balm

Step Five:

Apply the cuticle cream on your nail and cuticles. Massage it in and let it sit for a little.  I have been using Lauren B. Beauty Nail and Cuticle Balm.  Wipe just your nails with nail polish remover, if your nails are dry and oil free the polish will last longer.

at home manicure

Step Six:

Apply a base coat, you can use one like Lauren B. Beauty’s Nail Perfecter that is also a ridge filler.  It also has a slight tint to it so your nails are a perfect canvas.  It dries matte.  I would recommend to just do one thin coat before applying your nail polish. Then apply your first coat of nail polish ( I let my polish dry in between coats).  I have been painting my nails dark blue, dark purple/red (think vampy), and dark chocolate brown.  I want to find other good fall/winter colors.  Suggestions welcome! After applying your polish two coats.  Apply a top coat, I still haven’t found a top coat that I love.  So I would looooove for someone to recommend one to me.

cuticle oil

Step Seven:

Use a cuticle oil I use two different ones.  I love both so much.  I use Lauren B. Beauty’s Cuticle Oil it smells amazing. I use it a few days after I do at home mani’s too it, it perks up my mani. I also use Chidoriya Nourishing Nail Treatment Oil.  It infused with several essential oils and leaves my hands and nails feeling soft.

Ok, if you don’t have a steady hand at applying polish and get it on the sides of your nails on to your skin don’t worry! It will come off with warm water.  So wait till you paint your nails and they are fully dried (or else your polish will get little bubble in it) then wash your hands with warm water and take the excess polish off your skin! If you really are not great at polishing your nails and don’t want to remove the excess in warm water go for a nude color it’s harder to see mistakes with nude polish. You can also get a nail buffer and buff your nails so they have a shiny finish.

Tips: for perfecting your manicure, don’t shake your nail polish it will create your polish to bubble instead roll it between your palms. If at first your cuticles don’t look great reapply the cuticle remover. Paint your nails on a table or hard surface, it makes it easier. If you are using a matte polish make sure to paint faster than a normal polish because it dries quicker and if you are slow it will look uneven and liney.

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