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Loree Rodkin oil

Loree Rodkin is known for her fine jewelry, her brand also has a beauty collection.  Her beauty line has fragrances, candles, body oil, soap, cream, body powder and home fragrances. Loree has been making her own perfume blend for 20 years.  Loree said, “I feel that perfume is a signature, it’s what people remember you by, so I always wanted to smell unique.”  Loree uses only the purest forms of scented oils. Her fragrances evoke mystery and she wanted to create fragrances that, “create something dark, romantic and seductive. I hope my fragrances will evoke the same emotions as my jewelry.”

I tried all three Duo Sets, the Duo Set contains one Parfum and Roll On.  These make great gifts for yourself or for the holidays.  They are packaged beautifully.  It’s a fragrance that you won’t smell on any one else and they all have an edge to them.  The fragrances last all day and if you use the oil with them you won’t have to touch up later on in the evening.  I love how the scents become your own, they really start to open up and you can smell the different notes throughout the day.

loree rodkin fragrances

Gothic I is the first of the Duo Sets that I tried, it’s Loree’s signature scent.  The notes in Duo set GI are Madagascar vanilla, and 3 types of Patchouli.  Don’t let the Patchouli scare you, even if you don’t wear scents with patchouli it’s very light and sensual.  Mixed with the vanilla the patchouli becomes very soft and exotic.  Evoking mystery, it’s lovely.

Loree Rodkin fragrances

Gothic II is her men’s fragrance, I loved it.  I think it’s unisex. Duo Set GII has aged patchouli and frankincense, and nag champs.  It is a fragrance that if you buy for the man in your life, you probably will share it. These fragrances are so unique and sexy.  It’s the type of fragrance that you don’t want to tell people about because you want to keep it for yourself.



Loree Rodkin FragrancesGothic III is the last of the Duo Sets that I tried.  It’s the lightest of the fragrances.  It’s also a fragrance that is universal.  The notes in the GIII are rose, jasmine, tuberose mixed with musk and moss.  It smells so fresh and pretty.  It’s her only floral scent in her line and it’s gorgeous.

I love all three fragrances so much and they are the epitome of luxury.  I love that you won’t smell these on everyone, you will feel like you have discovered a secret.   You need to make these fragrances part of your life. You won’t regret it. You can find them here, Loree Rodkin.  You can also read our interview with Loree Rodkin here, The A List with Loree Rodkin.

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