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Brooke Lewis is a jack of all trades, she’s a scream queen known for her roles in many horror/thrillers films.  She has won a Golden Cob Award for “Best Scream Queen” for her performance in the 2010 cult horror hit, Slime City Massacre. She was also listed as the Top Ten Scream of 2014 by the Ministers of Good Taste.  When she isn’t on set she is a life coach in the entertainment industry. Brooke has coached for shows on Lifetime TV, Reality TV and also shares her advise on the Huffington Post as an expert column writer for Woman’s Day, Girl’s Life and many more!  Lewis hosts a dating talk show, Breaking Dating which airs weekly on TVRadio LA. On the show, She discusses all of the problems that single people have to go through in today’s world with the takeover of modern technology. She has worked with many veteran actors including Mark Ruffalo, Andy Richter, Dominique Swain, Joey Lawrence, and many more.

Today Brooke shares her favorite beauty products and tips with us:

Coucou Jolie, how in the world can a GlamGal, Scream Queen and Dating Queen narrow down her favorite beauty products to just three? I really am going to “scream”! Okay, I will take a “stab” at it just for you!

1) One of my trademarks, even in the media, has always been my big, wild “Jersey Girl” hair, so I will not leave home without my cherished DIVA Flat Iron. Right out of the shower, my hair has that natural”ethnic girl” frizz, so my flat iron gets me “straight” to walk out my door!

Two tips I learned early on, after frying my hair a bit, were to always use a heat protector spray or serum before ironing and to keep the iron setting low. This iron is so fabulous and effective, there is no need to heat it up to 450 and fry your hair. Oh, and, don’t forget to tease and hair spray away, like a good Jersey Girl should!

2) My number two beauty “won’t live without” (literally!) is my luscious lip liner. Even if I am just running out for five minutes and covering my face with shades, my lips are always done! My forever go-to lip liners are anything MAC or my newer favorite CHANEL LE CRAYON LEVRES 05 MORDORE NUDE (Thank you, Nadine, for getting me hooked!). I love my lip liners because they blend in with almost any lipstick and they make my naturally plump lips look even more plump (again, it’s that ethnic girl thing!). My favorite tip is to over-line those lips, Baby! I am notorious for lining my lips just slightly darker and quite a bit over my lip line. I get compliments on my lips all the time and I swear they are real! I think it is hilarious when my haters go out on social media and trash talk my “collagen” lips! I laugh to myself, because I know there is no collagen, only my lip liner that accomplished my goal and, as a Life Coach, I know the haters don’t really hate my lips, but due to low self-esteem, they, sadly, hate their own. So, my next tip is to wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself and go out on social media and post a super positive comment for someone!

3) Last, but surely not least, my must-have for the end of a busy and glamorous day is my CLINIQUE TAKE THE DAY OFF CLEANSING BALM. Whether spending the day filming, doing Dating Expert work on TV or rockin’ a red carpet, my face has been touched up with make-up so many times, I feel like a Zombie in real life! Years ago, one of my make-up artists (Thank you, Claire!) taught me about this cleansing balm and I think it’s the bomb! It really gets into the skin and pores to remove the deep layers of make-up that soaps do not hit at first (Of course, I follow up with facial soap after!). I also love it because it is so light and smooth, like a true balm. My tip is to use a modest amount and either massage bahçelievler escort fındıkzade escort halkalı escort it onto your face or onto a warm wash cloth, then scrub. You definitely want to follow it with a light, natural facial soap. And, Ladies over 30, grab that Retinol cream before hitting the pillow!

You can keep up with Brooke on Instagram @BrookeLewisLA and Twitter @BrookeLewisLA.

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