Gifts for Mom


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Having a hard time finding a gift your mom?  We have found the perfect gifts. She will sure to be happy with any of these gifts.


Moms love pearls, at least my mom does. Belpearl Avenue Diamond & White Pearl Earrings Avenue Diamond & White Pearl Earrings. These are so pretty and would look good on anyone. Mom will be sure to love them! Find them here: Neiman Marcus.

House of Sillage, Love is in the Air it is a gorgeous fragrance. If your mom doesn’t like the notes in this fragrance there are other ones you can pick from.  Love is in the Air notes are jasmine, musk, and rose. Buy it here, Lucky Scent.

Dammann Tea Sampler, there are six different teas and an infuser.  You won’t even have wrap it because it’s so pretty. There is a leather strap that holds all the teas together. Find it here, Barneys New York.

La Prairie Limited Edition Caviar Spectaculaire because this really two gifts in one. It is La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and it’s in a Baccarat crystal Caviar server. So mom can reuse it with caviar. But knowing my mom she would just use it for her cream. Buy it here, Neiman Marcus.

Maison Trudon Candle, Odalisque Christmas. The notes in this candle are Orange Blossom, Vanilla and Wild Juniper. These are the beautiful candles and make great gifts for everyone.  Buy it here, Maison Trudon.

Tom Ford’s Lips & Boys 50 piece set, because this is the gift I buy mom and then I also get a gift because she won’t wear every color. If you don’t know what color mom wears she will definitely be able to find some colors she loves. Buy it here, Tom Ford.


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