Weekend Recipe: Lebne, Tahini Date Toast

Some mornings I just feel like having coffee and a piece of toast. I don’t want to just have peanut butter toast either so I try to make the toast more fun. I tried a lot of combinations before I got it right.  These are my go to toast combinations that I’m going to share, with different variations so you won’t get bored.

Health benefits of labne, it’s a probiotic so its good for your digestive track and gut.  It helps strengthen your immune system. It has a lot of vitamins such as potassium, riboflavin, iodine, zinc and B5.  It’s also high in protein so it will help you feel fuller and if you are watching your weight it can help curb cravings. Tahini is rich in minerals such as potassium, iron, lecithin and magnesium.  It has methionine which helps liver detoxification and it’s high in calcium.  Tahini is also high in B vitamins. Tahini is known to be one of the healthiest foods, it prevents anemia, its full of vitamins that help promote healthy skin and muscle tone. It’s a food that is high in alkaline minerals so it’s easy to digest avrupa yakası escort yenibosna escort bahçelievler escort and helps balance your system. It also helps boost your mood, to make you happier.

toast recipe



Bread of your choice, I use pumpernickel, brioche, multi grain, or baguette



Honey (I used truffle honey)

Chia seeds or Flax seeds


Add toasted coconut flakes for some sweetness.  When you toast coconut flakes in a pan you don’t need to add anything just toss the coconut flakes in a warm pan and quickly move them around or else they will burn.


Toast your bread, spread labne on the toast, put dates on top then drizzle honey and sprinkle chia seeds or flax seeds



toast recipe

This toast is half and half because I couldn’t decide what I wanted. Half is ricotta and apricot jam and the other half is tahini with chestnut honey and a dash of cinnamon.  I also made candied banana cooked in coconut oil.  You can also make toast with labne with drizzled tahini on top, a little bit of honey and flax seeds.



Jam of your choice, the best with ricotta is apricot, blackberry and strawberry





For the Ricotta toast:

First toast the bread, spread ricotta and then the jam.

For the tahini toast:

Toast the bread, add labne if you like then drizzle the tahini and honey. Then sprinkle cinnamon.  If you don’t want the labne then just put the tahini on the toast, drizzle honey and sprinkle cinnamon.


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