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Valérie Grandury is the founder and CEO of Odacité Organic Skin Care.  She was inspired to create this all natural skin care line when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This event triggered her to reinvent her life and reconnect with nature  and heal herself in this journey.  She felt like it was necessary to detoxify her environment, she changed her diet to a raw food diet and quit her job in the film industry. She then decided to learn about ways to heal holistically and became a Health and Wellness Coach.  In Valérie’s learnings she found out about how toxic products were in women’s daily lives and wanted to create something that was non toxic. She turned to organic skin care and discovered than many organic skin care lines did not have an expiration date so ingredients could retain any active properties after so many years in a jar. Valérie created her own fresh skin care, where the ingredients were fresh and would have an expiration date.  She started gifting these products to her friends and they were loved by everyone, and Odacité was born.

Today Valérie shares some beaut tips with us:

NAME:  Valérie Grandury

HOMETOWN: I’m from Paris, France. I now live in Los Angeles.

DREAM JOB: My current job as founder and ceo of Odacité

ONE BEAUTY PRODUCT EVERY WOMEN SHOULD OWN: A facial oil serum, nothing works like it!

ONE BEAUTY TIP I LEARNED FROM MY MOTHER: when it comes to makeup less is more.

RECENT BEAUTY SLURGE: I created a wheatgrass extract for my new serum and paired it with Vitamin c, the synergy is amazing, will release in January

I DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: My note book, I’m old school and need to write things on paper.

DRUGSTORE FAVORITE:Have not stepped in a drugstore in over 10 years

BEAUTY INSPIRATION: Nature, every morning I hike for an hour with my dogs. This moment of communion with nature is where my ideas take shape

HOW I RELAX: Cup of matcha tea and a good book



BEAUTY TIP FOR OUR READERS: Your skin is changing due to factors like weather, pollution, diet, cycle, sleep, stress, So you need to customize your skincare routine to whatever arises. Odacité created 18 serum concentrates so you can do exactly that, no matter what life is throwing your way.

Follow Odacité on instagram @Odacité and you can read why we love the brand here, Odacité Skin Care Review.

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