How To Take Care of Your Hands and Feet

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When it comes to anti-aging we sometimes forget about our hands and feet.  Taking care of your hands and feet is important, as we age we have makeup and tricks that we can make our faces appear younger.  The tops of our hands, the skin is thin, and can show signs of aging first.  Hands and feet get exposed to the sun and environmental pollutants too.  Many people forget to apply SPF on your hands and feet (especially if you live in a city where you can wear sandals almost all year-long like LA) every day.  A lot of my friends just apply SPF on their hands and feet in the summer.  As you age you can always tell someone’s age range by their hands.


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Some tips to help keep your hands and feet soft and youthful:

Don’t over wash your hands, it can leave your hands dry and chapped.  Dry skin ages quicker.  Also, if you are washing dishes by hand wear gloves.  If you are using hand sanitizer avoid ones with alcohol. This will also dry your hands out.

Exfoliate your hands and feet, use a product that you would use on your face. You can even use those glycollic scrubs that you use on your face for your hands.  Pay extra attention around your knuckles.  You can also use body scrubs on your hands.  Do this 2-3 times a week.

Use an SPF on your hands to prevent age spots and lines.  I use different SPF’s but it’s usually what I use on my face.  You can reapply throughout the day.

You can do a once-a-week at home hand and foot mask, it’s like a spa treatment at home.  The ones that I love and have been using are Karuna’s Age-Defying+ Hand Mask, the hand mask is amazing it rejuvenates my hands and makes them look fresh. Karuna’s Exfoliating+ Foot Mask is so awesome, I fell asleep with the foot mask on and the next day my feet were amazing.  The foot mask is filled with shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil and glycollic acid.  It removed all of my calluses and my feet look visibly better.  They literally looked renewed.  If your feet need a little extra TLC try this foot mask.

If you have age spots or sun spots on your hands you can use a the same anti-aging spot treatment you use on your face on your hands.

Use a good hand cream, I keep in my bag either Lauren B. Beauty’s Nourishing Hand Crème or Votre Vu’s Bébé Duette Luxe. Votre Vu’s is amazing because it also has lip balm in the cap with a small mirror.  The lip balm in the cap is so healing.  They are perfect for when you are traveling.  Both keep my hands feeling hydrated but not greasy.  I apply it over and over all day.

If you have tips for keeping your hands and feet young, leave your tips in the comments.

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