Are you Mistletoe Ready?

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Are you mistletoe ready this holiday season?  Are your lips soft and ready for that unexpected kiss?  I hope so, but if they aren’t keep reading to see what you can do to be sure you are ready.

Step one:

Prep your lips, if they are dry and peeling use a lip scrub.  Just gentle apply the scrub and rub it in circular motions on your lip and Voilà, smoother softer lips.  This is good step too before applying matte or long wearing lipstick.

One to try is Sara Happ.

Step two:

Get a good lip balm. You don’t want your lips to peel again so apply a nice lip balm and let it absorb before applying your lipstick.

I’m currently obsessed with Nuxe rêve de miel. It is a little thicker than the normal lip balm but I didn’t have to reapply all day.  After using it for a while my lips didn’t peel, it helped them stay hydrated. It left my lips soft and kissable.

Step three:

Line your lips so that your lipstick doesn’t feather or bleed. It will also make your lips stand out. Use a neutral color, something that is close to your own lip shade or the lipstick that you are wearing.

Step four:

Apply a long wearing lipstick or stain.  You don’t want your lipstick everywhere so get something that will stay put.

I love Armani’s Lip Maestro, I ate drank and my colored stayed on. I didn’t test it out with a kiss but I’m pretty sure it won’t budge.  It comes in so many colors. You can find them here, Giorgio Armani Beauty.

Step five:

Freshen your breath, I use a little bit of breath spray. I like the pink grapefruit because it’s still minty without being overly minty. It’s still kinda of sweet too.  It comes in a cute little bottle that’s hot pink and it’s alcohol free and free of dyes/sweeteners. It’s naturally friendly.

Find it here, Hello breath spray.


Now you are ready to pucker up!

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