Sapelo Skin Care

I love discovering new luxury skin care products.  I recently tried Sapelo Skin Care, which is made on the coast of Savannah, Georgia.  Sapelo is inspired by the beauty of the south and it’s area and uses modern technology to help with anti aging, skin tone, and more. I’ll start with the packaging, it’s so beautiful.  I love seeing the products on my vanity because they look so elegant. Sapelo is a 3-Step, 28 day skin care system.  Which is amazing because I find it very common that people are unsure of what products to use and in what order.

The products are a reminder of  the high tides of Savannah, using local nutrients and ingredients in their products to help hydrate, slow aging by improving collagen, and elastin.  I tried all three products in the Sapelo Skin Care System.

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Step one: Renewing Serum, is your base layer. After cleansing you apply the renewing serum.  The serum is amazing, it absorbs into your skin very quickly.  It is very hydrating and light, my skin felt very soft after just one use.  It’s made with two plant-based stem cells that help boost the production of collagen and elastin.  It also contains Gardenia Stem Cells which slow down the aging process and also help in the stimulating collagen production.  Collagen helps keep your skin firm and full. Gardenia Stem Cells also helps in protecting your skin against environmental stress. This is a fragrance free serum, it doesn’t smell like Gardenia’s. I love this serum because it really binds the other products together.

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Step two: Rejuvenating Creamthe Rejuvenating Cream is a blend of lipids, peptides, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.  I really like this cream it’s very moisturizing, a little bit went a long way for me.  If your skin dry it will age quicker, that’s why you need to keep it hydrated.  The ingredients stimulate cell growth that help build collagen leaving your skin looking more youthful. If you are looking for a great anti aging cream this is it.  It will improve skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction.  I really love this cream, it’s really wonderful and will make you look more radiant.

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Step three: Softening Emollient, this is the last step in the Sapelo Skin Care system.  It is a an elixir that helps your extra dry areas on your face and neck. I suggest you start off with a very small amount and then if you need more you can add it.  It is much thicker than the other two products.  I didn’t use it every time I used the products because I didn’t always need that extra hydration. It has a very light fragrance of apricots, which I like.  This can almost be used as a spot treatment for dry patchy areas.

This is a great skin care line and is great for these winter months, Sapelo will help you transform you skin back to its natural glow and radiance. It is healing and gentle.  The products really compliment each other, and you will see a difference in your skin in less than the 28 recommended days.  This is luxury at it’s best.

Read more about Sapelo Skin Care here, Sapelo.

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