Moa Daily Cleansing Ritual

Coucou Jolie

I love using products that are natural, I have been using Moa’s Daily Cleansing Ritual it is a 100% natural and organic face cleanser. Moa is a natural skin care company from England. The line is inspired by herbal folklore.  I love their packaging it’s so cute.  Their main ingredient in their products in yarrow. Yarrow is a herb that has anti-inflammatory properties and commonly used as an astringent. It can be used for many things such as healing wounds, sores, and many other things. It also contains flavonoids and salicylic acid which help with keeping skin looking clean and clear, it is good for acne.

This cleanser isn’t a traditional cleanser where it will lather up.  It is in a solid form and you take a little and warm it in your hands and turn it into an oil form.  Then you apply it to your face.  It can go directly on top of makeup as well, it will remove it. You the take the cloth that comes with the Daily Cleansing Ritual and wipe it off. It will leave your skin feeling clean and soft. I really like it. You can also use the Green Balm for so many other things as well. If you get a minor cut or burn you can apply it. You can put it on insect bites, if you have very dry skin you can use it as a moisturizer.  There are so many uses for this wonder balm. It is great to have around, it’s magical.


I love it, you will too.

Get it here, Moa London.

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