Insomnia Got You Up? Foods to Help You Fall Asleep

foods to help you sleep

I suffer from sleepless nights, and counting sheep does not work. A lot of things can attribute to that.  From over thinking, too much caffeine or just a restless night. I’ll stay chatting to friends overseas, or I can start a new series that I’m binge watching because I just don’t feel sleepy.  Missing out on sleep can effect your body in so many negative ways from aging faster when you don’t sleep it breaks down the collagen in your skin so your skin becomes less elastic.  You skin repairs its self when you sleep so if you are only getting a few hours asleep a night you will start looking older. If you are trying to lose weight you may find yourself snacking more late at night because staying up late will increase your appetite. It also makes you crave high fat/carbohydrate foods because your body is lacking leptin.  If you are feeling more forgetful your insomnia is effecting your memory and it impairs your cognitive process.  Your cognitive process effects your reasoning, concentration, problem solving, and it makes it difficult for you to learn things efficiently. Also lack of sleep can put you at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and so much more.

No one wants to wake up with dark circles, puffy eyes and sallow skin. You may have many of these in your kitchen right now.  Here are some foods that will help you catch your zzz’s.

foods to help you sleep

This is one that everyone probably knows, Chamomile tea.  The reason chamomile helps you feel sleepier is that it has glycine which helps relaxes your muscles and nerves.  It acts as a slight sedative, it also will relieve cramps and muscle tension.

foods to help you sleep

Hummus, it has tryptophan.  It also contains folates and B vitamins that will help produce melatonin. This is also great to eat if you have jet lag. It also is a great food to eat when you are trying to lose weight, it is low in calories and easy to digest.  So if you need to have a midnight snack this is something great to eat.

foods to help you sleep

Walnuts, they have a great source of melatonin and they are heart healthy and brain healthy.  All you have to do is eat about eight to help boots melatonin. Walnuts also have amino acids that help make serotonin and melatonin.

foods to help you sleep

Lettuce, it contains lactucarium which acts like a sedative. It is said that it acts the same way as opium would to your brain, making you feel more relaxed.  If you have anxiety, or headaches eating lettuce before bed can help you feel calmer.

foods that help you sleep

Almonds contain magnesium which is a mineral that you need for quality sleep.  Eating almonds will help you stay asleep longer and in a deeper sleep.  Eat a handful before bedtime.

foods to help you sleep

Kale, helps foods with tryptophan turn into melatonin the calcium in kale helps your brain process the tryptophan.


Bananas, they are rich in B6 which helps make melatonin.  Eat one an hour before bed.


Foods to stay away from that keep you up are, caffeine, high fat meals so no burgers, fries or pizza and alcohol.

Sweet Dreams

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