The A List with Matthew Waitesmith

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Matthew Waitesmith is the founder of ARTIS makeup brushes.  Not only did he design and create the finest makeup brushes on the market. He also was an executive at MAC Cosmetics where he created an entire training structure there and helped to set a gold standard for both the company and the industry.  During his time at MAC it grew from an 80 million dollar business to well over a billion dollar business after 17 years, he retired as Senior Vice President of MAC Global Artis Training & Development.  Matthew graduated with a B.S. in Business and M.F.A. in Fine Art, so when creating ARTIS Brushes he  wanted to create something aesthetically pleasing and a makeup brush that is superior in function.  Matthew said, “I feel that everything I’ve experienced until now has brought me to Arts. Each collection will use different halkalı escort bahçelievler escort fatih escort design starting points, and then evolve with the ergonomics and aesthetic beauty we’re known for.  We want to make tools that deliver both art and function.”

Today he shares some tips with us:

Name: Matthew Waitesmith                                        Hometown: New York City

First Job: fashion illustrator for Nordstrom advertising

Dream Job: artist

One beauty product every women should own:  Moisturizer

One beauty tip you learned from your mother:  Be confident

Recent beauty splurge: Louboutin lipsticks for a shoot

I don’t leave home without: a purpose

Drugstore favorite: hand sanitizer

Beauty inspiration: beauty photographers’ work

How I relax: watch a movie that takes me away to another world

Always in my fridge: diet dr. pepper

Guilty pleasure: gelato

Beauty product that should be invented: I’m working on some

Beauty tip for our readers: use a great applicator or brush to make your products go on flawlessly

You can follow ARTIS Brushes on Instagram @Artisbrush.

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