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rise nation reviews

Jason Walsh who is a Master Trainer is the owner of Rise Nation. Some of Jason’s A List clients are Jessica Biel, Ashley Tisdale, Bradley Cooper, Justin Timberlake, Emily Blunt and many more. Rise Nation is a full body workout on a Versaclimber.  The Versaclimber is a cardio machine that is upright and you are basically doing a climbing motion.  It has very light impact on your joints, it reminds me of how an elliptical machine is on your body.  The Versaclimber is popular with pro athletes and rehab therapist because it has no impact and low injury risk.  Rise Nation is a 30 minute long class but I am not going to lie, it’s a hard 30 minutes.  Since the class is so short anyone can fit it in their busy schedule and feel like they have gotten a really good workout.

rise nation reviews

I took my first Rise class on a Sunday, in the morning and the class was full. There were no empty spots.  I have been to lots of morning workout classes around LA and I have never been to one that is completely full on Sunday morning.  That tells you how much people really love this workout.  I had no idea what to expect, the machine looks really intimidating.  Once you get the motion, it’s really easy to follow the class.  The movement really goes to the beat of the music so you don’t realize you are doing interval training. The class is really fun and challenging.  The class I took was really mixed from people who looked like body builders to people who were just starting their fitness journey.

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I took the class with Adam who is the lead instructor there.  I love him, he has a lot of positive energy, his music is a mix of pop, rock and hip hop.  He walks around the class to make sure everyone is staying motivated and doing alright on the machines.  I would highly recommend you take his class.  The first ten minutes I was doing ok, then I started to feel tired. I wanted to take a break but I had to commit myself to the 30 minutes. There is a resistance you can add-on the machine if it feels too easy, like a spin bike. I had mine at the lowest and it was still tough.  I tried to add resistance and probably only had the resistance up for around two minutes and had to put it back to no resistance.  The machine will tell you how much you climbed, I did 2,300 feet which is just average for the class. To give you some perspective on how much that is Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is 2, 722 feet.  Next time I’ll challenge myself to climb higher than Burj Khalifa. Everyone needs to try this a class at Rise Nation.  I really want to take the class that Jason teaches called Extreme Climb.

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